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Worlds & Creatures: How Pixomondo's VFX work brought to life the Ridley Scott streaming series Raised By Wolves

Pixomondo VFX Supervisor Moritz Bock takes viewers behind the scenes of Ridley Scott's sci-fi streaming series Raised by Wolves to show how the company created photoreal post-apocalyptic environments on distant planets, as well as the humanoid creatures who populate it. With a team of artists spread across five Pixomondo facilities around the word, the task of bringing the Oscar winning filmmaker's vision to life required a team effort of global proportions! The result is cult favorite series on HBO Max that's already renewed for Season Two.

Available until: May 6


Moritz Bock, VFX Supervisor, Pixomondo

Moritz Bock is a VFX Supervisor with a keen eye for details, image composition and light. After collaborating with Pixomondo on various projects in his function as Head of VFX at MovieBrats Berlin, he joined Pixomondo in 2019 as a VFX Supervisor. Since then, he has contributed to projects such as Raised by Wolves, Locke and Key as well as Lassie. His technical skills and love for details made sure the transition to the Stuttgart facility was smooth and integrated him well in the core team of Pixomondo STR.

Further feature film and TV series credits include Sky Hunter, Star Trek: Discovery, Iron Sky 2: The Coming Race, Mountain Miracle, Zoologiya, Lost Place, Tatort, Sex & Crime and War of Lies.