Most video on demand sessions will be available until May 31. However, there will be some exclusive presentations that will only be available for a limited amount of time.


Available Once

Please note that the following presentation will only be available once at its scheduled time. So be right there!


Jennifer Meire, VFX Supervisor, Cinesite
Ben White, VFX Supervisor, Cinesite
28.04.23, 11:00, Meidinger-Saal


Visualizing Battles of Worlds and Minds in DOCTOR STRANGE IN THE MULTIVERSE OF MADNESS
Hamilton Lewis, Sr Visualization Supervisor / Head of Creative, The Third Floor Inc.
28.04.23, 14:00, Meidinger-Saal



Available on April 28

Bringing Characters to Life
Craig Caldwell, USTAR Professor, University of Utah, Film & Media Arts
25.04.23, 17:00, Raum Karlsruhe


Baroque Spectacle on a Small Footprint
Markus Wulf, Director, Writer, Producer
Su-Jin Song, Producer / Director / Associate Researcher & Lecturer, autumn song production
28.04.23, 14:30, Raum Reutlingen


CLIPasso: Semantically Aware Object Sketching
PhD student Yael Vinker, Tel Aviv University
28.04.23, 11:30, Raum Tübingen


Creating Visual Effects for STRANGER THINGS, Season 4
Jabbar Raisani, Visual Effects Supervisor
Marion Spates, VFX Supervisor, Flying High Frames
Jan Burda, Compositing Supervisor, Accenture Song Content Germany GmbH
26.04.23, 17:00, König-Karl-Halle