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ON SITE Raum Ulm Tuesday, April 25, 15:45
PixStone Images

Elevating Wellbeing at Work: The Art of Personal Expression in the Business of Storytelling

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Get, Set, Colour!

The business of storytelling is aimed at enchanting the audience. Captivating storylines, stunning visuals and immersive sound effects take viewers on an emotional journey. Filmmakers continue to pour their hearts and souls into their work, striving to create beautiful stories. Ironically the people who bring these stories to life often find themselves sacrificing their personal time, health, relationships, and deal with intense stress and pressure. 

Amidst this fast pace, Pixstone Images invites you to take a breather. Come be a part of our fun-filled interactive workshop which will help you break free from the hectic pace of high-pressure deliveries, fierce competition and other factors that can sometimes feel a bit too much. In this stress-relieving session, we will learn tips and strategies to connect with our deepest emotions through colors that can help us cope better with pressure.

We invite you to be a part of this joyful experience and color all that is on your mind and in your heart.

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Neha Hooda, Executive Producer, PixStone Images

Neha Hooda is an Executive Producer with extensive experience of working with clients globally across business and production delivery function. She has over 100 titles to her credit and has produced visual effects for high end features, episodic, commercials and finishing shows. At PixStone Images she has played a key role in establishing the studio’s presence in the European market and oversees the business from the region. Neha is known for her strategic thinking, solution oriented positive approach and ability to successfully deliver complex large volume shows in a in-studio and remote work setting. She excels at building relationships with key stakeholder and leading teams with firmness and compassion. Her approach to work focuses on creating healthier work environments for her teams. 

Neha has received the Unreal Engine Virtual Production Fellowship as part of the first cohort of Women Creators Program and the Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship for her PhD research work. Her research analyses the media engagement experience of young children. Her work serves as a bridge between the industry and the academic world with a hope of creating better content for the audience. She has presented her work at several global conferences such as the UNESCO Media Literacy Week, International Broadcasting Convention (IBC) among others. 

Mental well-being in films is one of the important areas of focus in Neha’s producing practice.  She has also worked extensively as a life skills coach and helps people to bring a mental shift in order to find a deeper connection with the self and be more productive. Apart from work, she enjoys scuba diving and fine arts. At FMX 2023, Neha is hosting an experiential art-based stress reliving workshop.  Pixstone Images invites you to this workshop to have fun with colors.

Workshop title: Elevating Wellbeing at Work: The Art of Personal Expression in the Business of Storytelling

Date: 25th April 2023

Time: 3:45 PM

Duration: 60 minutes

Venue: Raum Ulm 



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