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ONLINE Turm Aalen Friday, April 28, 11:00
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Blender 3.5 - The Free Production Studio for Indies

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Blender is a completely free and open-source Software Suite, that allows you to produce everything which is 3D (2d as well).It has been used for many great open animation projects and is meanwhile adapted quickly in the industry.

In this presentation, Helge Maus (pixeltrain) gives you an overview of the broad feature set of Blender 3.5, how the development cycles and infrastructure of this open source tool is working and how Indies (but also pro studios) can start using this software in their pipeline.You will learn how Blender „thinks“, how to take your first steps and dive into different areas of this amazing software.

Helge Maus, Senior VFX Trainer | Blender & Houdini FX Generalist | Compositor, pixeltrain

Helge Maus is a Senior VFX Trainer | Blender & Houdini FX Generalist | Compositor with more than 20 years of experience in training. He delivers with his company pixeltrain | 3D | VFX | animation in-house training, workshops and online-coaching for the 3D & VFX industry. 

His focus lies in teaching tools from the ground up in a structured and practice-proven way with the whole workflow in mind. He is a strong believer in understanding the fundamentals and building on them to make artists life more fun and efficient.

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