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IP-based projects AniFilm / AniPlay

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Under the headline "IP Development and Production in a Team", third year Animation and Interactive Media students of the Animationsinstitut at Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg produce a short film and a game experience each based on a stylistically individual world. The technically innovative clips are produced within four months: in joint workshops, students develop their initial ideas, and work in interdisciplinary teams. Projects are then supervised by teaching staff conceptually, technically, and during implementation.

Application deadline for courses starting in fall is February 15 each year. International students are welcome! For more information please go to

Projects presented this year are:


Yelyzaveta Davydenko (Producing), Rike Ziegler (Producing), David Sick (Directing), Luisa Müller (Directing), Hannes Sturm (Technical Directing), Jan Klingner (Animation), Elias Weber (Animation), Tanja Nuijten (Animation), Cristina Narata (Animation), Nicolas Sperling (Animation), Eileen Kammer (Animation), Peter Albrecht (Musik), Richard Weigert (Ton)

In a miniature world, the fate of a tribe’s dying village is in the hand of the Explorer. He is given the Blob, the last seed of their mother tree, which is the central element of their civilization. The Explorer is sent out to find a suitable spot to plant the Blob and to create a new home for his tribe. On their journey, he has to overcome his high expectations and eventually trust the Blob’s instinct.



Franz Rügamer (Producing), Avina Graefe (Producing), Sofia Strunden (Game-Directing), Matthias Strasser (Film-Directing), Philipp Dörrer (CG Supervisor), Simon Weck (Technical Directing), Benjamin Gätzschmann (FX Artist), Levin Wunder (FX Artist)

What if rats were responsible for everything unexplainable? CODE RAT explores the experimentations of two hyperintelligent rats within our worlds. If they cause chaos and fascination around the world or if they stealthily sneak through a laboratory, one thing is certain: humans are left baffled by the aftermath of their works.



Nadiia Yunatska (Producing), Mikael Lindskov Jacobsen (Film Directing, Script, Editor), Riyaaz Roy (Installation Directing, Animation), Alexia Mokry (Assistant Producing, Storyboard, Animation, Compositing, Music), Charlene Masri (Technical Directing), Amelie Kahlo (Art Directing, Set Design), Melanie Schnaidt (Animation Lead), Alina Schuster (Animation), Gina Stephan (Art Directing, Animation, Compositing), Dimitry Klenin (Sound, Music Mixing), Marius Waninger (Sound Design)

By taking on the perspectives of different passengers, we see that everyone has a unique way of perceiving their surroundings. This is not always as expected.