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ONLINE Bertha-Benz-Saal Friday, April 28, 17:00

Visual Effects in Creating Immersive Experiences

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This presentation is about bringing visual effects and theme park experience design together to create new stories and worlds for audiences to step into.


This presentation brings together the teams from Walt Disney Imagineering and Framestore to talk about the journey they undertook together to create visual media for several attractions over the last three years. 

Framestore worked with Walt Disney Imagineering across several attractions simultaneously, and this discussion focuses on two of the most exciting, namely Avengers: Quantum Encounter and Avengers Assemble: Flight Force.

Those talking cover the full array of Creative, Technical and Production skills and the discussion goes over the end-to-end process of creating media that needs to co-exist with content outside of the screen. 

The Framestore and Walt Disney team talk about the unexpected challenges, surprising solutions and exciting moments in their work over several years on these attractions.

Bernice Howes, Executive Producer, Walt Disney Imagineering

Scott Sohan, Digital Supervisor, Walt Disney Imagineering

Bryan Thombs, Concept Designer & Digital Supervisor, Walt Disney Imagineering

Max MacEwan, Executive Producer, Framestore

Eugenie von Tunzelmann, Head of VFX Attractions, Framestore

Jason Fox, Creative Director, Framestore