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ONLINE Meidinger-Saal Friday, April 28, 12:00

A Clash of Powers: How FX Wizardry and Sorcery Helped Bring THE RINGS OF POWER to Life

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Join FX artist Catherine R. Dion as she takes you on a journey of mysticism and magic through Middle Earth with the Harfoots and a new LOTR character, The Stranger—a mysterious figure, fallen from the stars. From the flames and flying boulders in the crater of his birth, to the blast of winds rocking the trees and the frozen water as the Stranger plunges his hand into the fountain, to the discovery of his powers which leads him to an earth-shattering fight in episode 8, where all elements and magic come crashing together in a flawless VFX-heavy scene.


Catherine R. Dion, FX Artist, Rodeo FX

Catherine R. Dion has been an FX artist for over 7 years now. She kicked off her career in 2015 with the MPC Academy and made her way to Rodeo FX just a few years later. She’s worked on the Fantastic Beasts and Stranger Things franchises as well as Netflix’s Sandman, to name a few, but the project that means the most to her is The Rings of Power since The Lord of the Rings franchise inspired her to become an FX artist to begin with.