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ON SITE Raum Ulm Wednesday, April 26, 15:45

Exploring the Science of Texturing with Mari: A Practical Guide for Artists

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Get ready to take your texturing skills to the next level with Mari! Join Character and Creature artist Gaël Kerchenbaum for an exciting introduction to the world of Mari texturing. With the proper scientific understanding behind texturing, the possibilities are endless.

In this presentation, you'll learn the fundamentals of texturing and practical ways to apply your knowledge, so you can create nearly anything you can imagine. Discover the advantages of transitioning from a traditional layer stack workflow to a node-based approach and unlock the full potential of Mari's toolset.

Explore the microfacet theory and learn how to use a procedural approach to texturing to gain more control and consistency in your work. Whether you're an experienced artist or just starting, this session will provide you with the knowledge and tools you need to take your texturing skills to the next level and unleash your creativity like never before!

Charli Holt, Mari Product Manager, Foundry

Charli Holt is a professional with a diverse background in VFX as well as experience across Product, Quality, and Customer Engagement. As Product Manager, she currently serves as the leader of the roadmap and creative strategy for Mari, Foundry's industry leading texturing package responsible for collaborating with both studio clients and development teams in order to create and deliver high-quality products, Charli’s primary focus is on building features for artists that prioritize the user's needs.   Charli is deeply committed to making Mari as artist-friendly as possible, and she works tirelessly to ensure that the voice of the artist is recognised throughout the development cycle. She is passionate about her work, industry and her development team; prioritizing support for a healthy work-life balance, mental health awareness, and creating an environment in which every voice can be heard and impact the future of Mari.   In addition to her professional work, Charli is a strong advocate for creating an inclusive and engaging community network of artists within the texturing space. She believes in encouraging new learners to join the VFX industry by promoting the importance of understanding texturing theory  within the field. A true advocate for making space for the artists of the future, Charli's dedication to her work and her community is evident in everything she does.

Gaël Kerchenbaum, Character and Creature Artist, Eevolver

Gaël Kerchenbaum is a French Creature Artist based in the UK. His experiences as a Creature and Character Artist for Visual Effects, Games, Advertising, and Education have led him to become a renowned specialist in Creature and Digital Character creation.

His career started in London, where he worked on blockbusters in 2014. Since then, Gael has collaborated with many companies around the world, counting clients like Dneg, Axis, Netflix, VALVe, Ubisoft, Meta (Facebook AI)