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ON SITE Raum Ulm Wednesday, April 26, 14:30

Look Development and Lighting Coffee Break

Kick back with the lighting experts and enjoy refreshments while Jasmine Katatikarn and Jahirul Amin discuss look development and lighting fundamentals and share valuable tips to help you enhance your skills.


In addition, Katana Associate Product Managers Arielle Martin and Krista Rowland, will discuss the latest developments in Katana and how it enables artists to work with creative freedom and scalability.


This event will not only offer you a chance to expand your knowledge but also to meet peers during a networking session that will follow the discussion. Don't miss out on this opportunity to gain insights, share ideas, and connect with industry peers.


Jahirul Amin, Founder, CAVE Academy

Before launching CAVE Academy, Jahirul worked as a VFX Trainer for the multi Oscar-winning VFX studio, DNEG London, published and co-authored a number of books for 3D Total, and created training content for 3D Total, 3D Artist and CG Circuit. His role at DNEG included designing and delivering training on all stages of the DNEG VFX pipeline from onset data acquisition, to assets and shots, and creating and maintaining the in-house documentation covering pipeline, workflows and best practices. In 2018, Jahirul launched CAVE Academy and since inception, they have released over 10 on-demand courses, and run numerous online, in-person and remote training courses for companies such as: Framestore, Rebellion, Union, BlueBolt, Clear Angle Studios, BBC Media (Tunisia), Lumine Studios (Indonesia), Bournemouth University, Filmakademie, NFTS and Creative Media Skills. His ongoing relationship with industry has also allowed him to continue working directly on production projects. Currently, he is supporting Clear Angle Studios with their Asset team, Bentley/Paramex on their car configurator, and many other companies on pipeline design and workflow support.

Jasmine Katatikarn, CEO | Founder, Academy of Animated Art

Jasmine Katatikarn is a Creative Leader, CEO of the Academy of Animated Art, Coach/Educator, and Tech Artist Manager at Amazon. She also co-authored the book "Lighting for Animation: The Art of Visual Storytelling." Jasmine holds a B.A. in economics/art history from Vassar College and received her Master of Science in Digital Imaging and Design degree from NYU. After graduate school, Jasmine began working in 3D medical visualization. She later moved on to VFX work, where she worked at Framestore, The Mill, and Rhinofx/Gravity. She then transitioned to feature animated film work at Blue Sky Studios, where she worked for over ten years as a Senior Lighting Technical Director. In addition to her work in the industry, Jasmine co-founded and runs the Academy of Animated Art, an online school offering courses in animation and VFX. Taught by experienced professionals, the curriculum is designed to help students reach their full creative potential and get jobs in the industry. Jasmine is passionate about inspiring the next generation of creatives and has recently launched an after-school initiative to introduce middle school students to animation.

Arielle Martin, Katana Associate Product Manager, Foundry

Krista Rowland, Katana Associate Product Manager, Foundry

Before joining Foundry, Krista had worked as a Compositor in Canada and The Netherlands where she gained extensive experience in 2D & 3D compositing. Mainly taking up positions at various studios under the Technicolor Creative Studios group, she had the privilege of working on numerous feature-film, television and commercial projects. However in 2017, Krista pivoted her career and continued to use her talents in visual effects towards a position in creative web development and then eventually into product sales.

Throughout her 7 year career in the media industry, Krista has developed into a multifaceted individual and she hopes to utilize her passion for VFX and expertise in 2D & 3D applications, development, communication and sales towards her new role as Associate Product Manager for Katana at Foundry.