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Behind the VFX of Carnival Row Season 2: The Troll Fight Scene

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Learn how Nuke helped Orlando Bloom fight a huge troll in Amazon’s Carnival Row. Senior Compositor Denys Holovyanko takes us behind the scenes of Goodbye Kansas’ VFX production for this action packed sequence and walks us through how some key shots were created using Nuke.

Denys Holovyanko, Senior Compositor, Goodbye Kansas

A passionate film buff and storyteller, Deyns was born in Ukraine and moved to Sweden as a teenager. After studying Digital Visualization at Jönköping University, he landed an internship at Bläck Studios, a company that later would merge to become Goodbye Kansas Studios.
His first project was the hugely popular TV series "The Walking Dead". Since then, he’s worked on features like "Hellboy" and "The 355", TV series like "The Irregulars", and cinematics like "The Outer Worlds 2.”

Anaïs Torreblanca, Compositing & Finishing Associate Product Manager, Foundry