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ON SITE Bertha-Benz-Saal Wednesday, April 26, 11:15

Volumetric Crowd Capture and Processing at Scale for I WANNA DANCE WITH SOMEBODY

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Dimension has successfully delivered the largest volumetric capture project ever made, creating virtual crowds of up to 100,000 for Whitney Houston biopic I Wanna Dance With Somebody. The volume of delivered shots (300 actors, 1,000 shots) required extensive work on pipeline for delivery, on a tight schedule and a with small team (up to 6 technical artists).

Managing this increase in scale required extensive work on efficiency, automation, robustness, artists training, QC of our pipeline and processes, working closely with VFX houses.

This talk outlines the technical decisions that helped with the delivery. It discusses challenges, issues and how we overcame them. It's a technical insight into our workflows and Houdini-centric toolset, which are part of dimension's rich IP in the space of volumetric capture and digital humans.

Juraj Tomori, Software Developer - Volumetric Video, Dimension

I am developer, technical artist working with volumetric video. I enjoy improving efficiency of my colleagues and making new products.

My tools of trade include software development, tools & workflows design, automation, testing, writing documentation and training.

I am curious and I ♥ making things.