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ON SITE Turm Aalen Wednesday, April 26, 14:30

Access VFX

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The exciting launch of the AVFX European chapter and global e-mentoring program.

Simon Devereux, ACCESS: VFX Founder and Director, Framestore

With a background as a freelance illustrator and with over 17 years working in the creative industry, Simon has previously worked as part of talent development and learning teams in visual effects, games, television and commercial radio. In addition to leading the Framestore Talent Development Team, Simon is also founder and director of ACCESS:VFX, an industry movement pursuing inclusion, diversity, awareness and opportunity within the VFX, Animation & Games industries. 

Bianca Crichigno, ACCESS: VFX Europe, Chapter Lead, Glassworks

Bianca Crichigno is the People and Culture Coordinator at Glassworks Amsterdam. Bianca was born and raised in the lovely city of Santiago de Chile. and she came to the Netherlands in 2018 to pursue a Masters Degree in New Media and Digital Culture. Since Bianca fell in love with the Dutch lifestyle and was not ready to go back home she decided to stay longer and look for a job. Bianca joined Glassworks in 2019 as the Office Manager but after a few years the company started a Diversity initiative and that's when she first heard about Access:VFX. While participating in this initiative Bianca started developing more interest in wellbeing in the workplace overall. Therefore, with the support of her supervisor Chris Kiser Bianca decided to take a new path and become the first People and Culture Coordinator at Glassworks. Access:VFX Europe is the first chapter of this new adventure and she is truly excited about it as it will allow them to build a more inclusive and diverse VFX industry! 

Chris Kiser, ACCESS: VFX Europe, Chapter Lead, Glassworks

Chris Kiser is the Chief Operating Officer for Glassworks in Amsterdam. He initially joined the international creative studio in 2018 following previous positions as Executive Producer and Head of Production in the New York offices of Psyop and The Mill. Kiser's journey has covered multiple continents and a wide range of creative work, including roles on the Jimmy Neutron television series and multiple feature films while in Dallas, Portland, and NYC. He is especially proud of his newest role as Chapter Lead for ACCESS:VFX Europe and is excited to contribute to the organization's diversity initiatives and mission to introduce and support a new generation of creators in the world of VFX, animation, and games.

Kader Bagli, ACM SIGGRAPH Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion committee member// Lead Compositing Artist, RISE | Visual Effects Studios

Kader Bagli is a Lead Compositing Artist, working at RISE Visual Effects Studios in Germany. She graduated with an engineering degree in audiovisual media from Stuttgart Media University with a focus on computer animation and visual effects.

In addition to leading the Compositing team in Stuttgart, she is also a member of the ACM SIGGRAPH Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion committee. She has led the Diversity Summit in Daegu 2022 and currently serves as a Co-Chair for the Diversity Summit for SIGGRAPH Asia 2023. Being a visual artist and a person that values the importance of DEI, she aims to empower cultural diversity and show appreciation for storytelling through visual effects within all communities.