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Breaking Boundaries in VFX Education: Expanding Horizons through Online Learning

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Ready to skyrocket your VFX career? Discover the power of online learning! Join us and expert educators to explore the benefits of continued education, for both novices and pros. Boost your skills, land new opportunities, and achieve your goals in the ever-growing VFX world.

Jahirul Amin, Founder, CAVE Academy

Before launching CAVE Academy, Jahirul worked as a VFX Trainer for the multi Oscar-winning VFX studio, DNEG London, published and co-authored a number of books for 3D Total, and created training content for 3D Total, 3D Artist and CG Circuit. His role at DNEG included designing and delivering training on all stages of the DNEG VFX pipeline from onset data acquisition, to assets and shots, and creating and maintaining the in-house documentation covering pipeline, workflows and best practices. In 2018, Jahirul launched CAVE Academy and since inception, they have released over 10 on-demand courses, and run numerous online, in-person and remote training courses for companies such as: Framestore, Rebellion, Union, BlueBolt, Clear Angle Studios, BBC Media (Tunisia), Lumine Studios (Indonesia), Bournemouth University, Filmakademie, NFTS and Creative Media Skills. His ongoing relationship with industry has also allowed him to continue working directly on production projects. Currently, he is supporting Clear Angle Studios with their Asset team, Bentley/Paramex on their car configurator, and many other companies on pipeline design and workflow support.

Pedro Andrade, Founder, Comp Lair

Pedro Andrade is a VFX Head of Compositing that built his career in London, with extensive experience in all mediums of VFX production. With mixed backgrounds in both science and arts such as Mechanical Engineering and Music Production, associated with multi-continent experiences and career paths, gives him a unique edge in the thinking process, knowledge, and leadership style.    Pedro Andrade strongly believes that the key to the successful, smooth development and completion of any VFX project resides in great leadership. Committed to that mission, Pedro created 'The Next Level' program, unparalleled in the VFX industry by being specifically tailored for aspiring and current Compositing Supervisors.   ‘The Next Level' program empowers experienced compositing professionals with a set of specific and unique types of knowledge that transform their of thinking about challenges with different solutions and great management foundations - always from a leadership point of view.   Passionate about changing the usual angle on how professionals see their day-to-day jobs, Pedro believes that this method gives the professional a unique set of skills that stand out, as it involves more research, more testing, and consequently a truly unique development and take on the job that matches and enhances the uniqueness of the individual.   Pedro is also a former Head of Compositing at MPC London, where he was responsible for the offices in London, Berlin and Montreal, hiring and overseeing more than 100+ artists, from Juniors to Supervisors. As a 2D Supervisor, Pedro worked in diverse companies such as DNEG, Cinesite or Milk VFX.

Jason Gottlieb, Nuke Compositing Mentor, CG Spectrum

Jason is a VFX Supervisor and Compositing Mentor at CG Spectrum. Since 2004, the LA-based visual storyteller has worked as an Animator, Editor and Compositor on dozens of TV shows and films. Jason has held senior roles at studios such as Technicolor and FuseFX where he’s currently a VFX Supervisor.

Skilled at combining CG and FX elements with live-action plates, Jason’s credits include Ratched, The Morning Show, The Orville, Julia, Station 19, and 9-1-1: Lone Star, for which he and his team scored a VES Nomination for Outstanding Supporting Visual Effects in a Photoreal Episode.

Dedicated to inspiring the next wave of artists, Jason has encouraged countless students to explore and experiment with the power of Nuke. He’s been mentoring at CG Spectrum for the past 6 years, and has also spent time as a trainer and mentor for FuseFX’s Junior Compositor Apprenticeship program.

Teaching both early career talent and established artists, many of Jason’s graduates have gone on to enjoy successful industry careers at studios around the world.

Jasmine Katatikarn, CEO | Founder, Academy of Animated Art

Jasmine Katatikarn is a Creative Leader, CEO of the Academy of Animated Art, Coach/Educator, and Tech Artist Manager at Amazon. She also co-authored the book "Lighting for Animation: The Art of Visual Storytelling." Jasmine holds a B.A. in economics/art history from Vassar College and received her Master of Science in Digital Imaging and Design degree from NYU. After graduate school, Jasmine began working in 3D medical visualization. She later moved on to VFX work, where she worked at Framestore, The Mill, and Rhinofx/Gravity. She then transitioned to feature animated film work at Blue Sky Studios, where she worked for over ten years as a Senior Lighting Technical Director. In addition to her work in the industry, Jasmine co-founded and runs the Academy of Animated Art, an online school offering courses in animation and VFX. Taught by experienced professionals, the curriculum is designed to help students reach their full creative potential and get jobs in the industry. Jasmine is passionate about inspiring the next generation of creatives and has recently launched an after-school initiative to introduce middle school students to animation.

Eugenie Nitusgau, Senior Sales Representative - Education, Foundry

Dr. Kirstyn Salehi, Education Industry Manager, Foundry

Kirstyn Salehi is an educator, a lifelong learner, and the Education Industry Manager at Foundry. She holds a doctorate in education from the University of Arkansas. Over the course of her career, she has taught preschool to graduate school and everything in between. Using her experience in the classroom and in higher education administration, she works to connect with schools and studios to understand the education needs across the VFX industry.