Conference Tools of Tomorrow Artificial Intelligence
ON SITE Bertha-Benz-Saal Thursday, April 27, 18:15

Art, Archetype, and Algorithm

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The archetypes of our unconscious have previously lurked just below the surface of cognition, influencing both art and physics through dreams, visions, and active imagination.

Large Language Models trained on the corpus of the internet are now surfacing the contents of our collective unconscious into plain view, creating a medium of intelligence that is simultaneously “revalatory,” “alien,” and “hallucinagenic.”

This panel will explore the fascinating intersection of media theory and depth psychology as a perceptual framework for the age of AI. 


Dave McKean, Artist

Dave McKean has illustrated and designed over eighty award winning and ground breaking books and graphic novels including The Magic of Reality (Richard Dawkins), The Homecoming (Ray Bradbury), The Fat Duck Cookbook and Historic Heston (Heston Blumenthal), What's Welsh for Zen (John Cale), Varjak Paw and Phoenix (SF Said), The Savage, Slog’s Dad and Mouse Bird Snake Wolf (David Almond), Arkham Asylum (Grant Morrison), Night Shift (Stephen King), Crime and Punishment (Dostoevsky), Roadside Picnic (The Strugatsky Brothers), Gormenghast (Mervyn Peake), and Mr. Punch, Signal to Noise, Coraline and the Newberry and Carnegie Medal winning The Graveyard Book (Neil Gaiman).

He has written and illustrated Cages (Harvey, Pantera, Ignatz and Alph Art awards), two Pictures That Tick volumes of short stories (V+A Book of the Year), an erotic novel Celluloid, Raptor, and Black Dog: The Dreams of Paul Nash, a commission by the 14-18 Now Foundation and the Imperial War Museum. The multimedia live performance of Black Dog was featured at Tate Britain, the Somme Memorial in Amiens, and many other festivals in Europe and Canada.

Dave has directed five short films and three feature films, MirrorMask, Luna (Raindance Festival Best British Feature and BIFA awards) and The Gospel of Us with Michael Sheen  (two Bafta Cymru awards). He is currently editing his fourth feature Wolf’s Child, adapted from his own play, created with Wildworks Theatre Company and performed for the Norwich Theatre Festival and at the Trelowarren Estate in Cornwall.

He is Director of Story at the 3-Michelin star Fat Duck in Bray, and has created murals and packaging for Heston’s restaurants in London and Australia.

His work is in private and public collections around the world, and he continues to insist that narrative has a crucial place in art.

In 2022 he took a deep dive into AI generated imagery, and created the book Prompt: Conversations with Artificial Intelligence as an essay, examination and warning about the implications of this new, almost evolutionary, shift in our culture. He continues to draw and paint and make real things in Kent, England.

Sam Hodge, Founder, Kognat

Andrew Cochrane, Immersive Content Creator, The AV Club Productions, Inc

ANDREW COCHRANE is an interactive and immersive content creator specializing in mediums such as virtual and augmented reality, installations, live events, and mobile & web apps. His extensive insight into both the creative and the technological aspects of modern content creation provides a unique blend of narrative focus, artistic savvy, and high-tech problem-solving. He recently completed “THE 100%“, a volumetric VR experience that premiered at TribecaX, where it won the award for Best Virtual Reality Experience. This experience was selected as a finalist for a Creative Arts Emmy in the Innovation & Interactive Programming category.   Andrew is an expert in forming and leading teams on innovative and technologically complex projects. His immersive content credits span the gamut of live-action, CGI, and real-time experiences for clients such as Intel, Adobe, USA Today, Google, GE, Disney, USA Network, Visa, Las Vegas, and many others. Andrew has also directed commercials for Disney, LG, VIZIO, Google, Target, Barco, and M&M’s. Currently, he is finishing several VR pieces, including a VR180 film named “The Carrier” starring Karolina Wydra, which was shot from the first-person perspective of a baby.

Scott Broock, Founder, Totem Networks, LLC

Scott Broock is the founder of Totem Networks, which focuses on generative AI, multi-generational animated IP, and interactive entertainment.

Previous to Totem Networks, Broock served as EVP of Digital Strategy and Innovation at Illumination Entertainment responsible for advanced character interactivity with key portfolio IP (Minions, Pets, Despicable Me).

Prior to Illumination, Broock was the Global VR Evangelist for YouTube, responsible for the launch and programming of VR and 360 video initiatives with top creators.

Before joining YouTube, Broock was Vice President of Content Deal Development at Jaunt VR – – one of the earliest, and well- funded startups ($102M) in the VR content space.