Conference Tools of Tomorrow Artificial Intelligence
ON SITE Raum Reutlingen Thursday, April 27, 14:30

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Neural Radiance Fields are a powerful new AI technology that is transforming the way we represent and interact with 3D objects and environments. This talk will provide an overview of NeRFs, including how they work, why they matter, and their potential impact on the Media and Entertainment industry.   At their core, NeRFs are custom-trained AI models that understand what an object or environment looks like from every captured angle and can imagine what it would look like from any other possible viewpoint. This presentation will provide an overview understanding of:
  • The basics of NeRFs and how they work
  • The current and potential applications of NeRFs in Media and Entertainment 
  • Editing and even generation of NeRFs using related AI tools
  • The broader implications of NeRFs on Media and Entertainment, including the potential for new business models and the impact on the way content is created and consumed


Andrew Cochrane, Immersive Content Creator, The AV Club Productions, Inc

ANDREW COCHRANE is an interactive and immersive content creator specializing in mediums such as virtual and augmented reality, installations, live events, and mobile & web apps. His extensive insight into both the creative and the technological aspects of modern content creation provides a unique blend of narrative focus, artistic savvy, and high-tech problem-solving. He recently completed “THE 100%“, a volumetric VR experience that premiered at TribecaX, where it won the award for Best Virtual Reality Experience. This experience was selected as a finalist for a Creative Arts Emmy in the Innovation & Interactive Programming category.   Andrew is an expert in forming and leading teams on innovative and technologically complex projects. His immersive content credits span the gamut of live-action, CGI, and real-time experiences for clients such as Intel, Adobe, USA Today, Google, GE, Disney, USA Network, Visa, Las Vegas, and many others. Andrew has also directed commercials for Disney, LG, VIZIO, Google, Target, Barco, and M&M’s. Currently, he is finishing several VR pieces, including a VR180 film named “The Carrier” starring Karolina Wydra, which was shot from the first-person perspective of a baby.