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Roots / Rooms Inside Out / Vessel / Take a deep breath / Peach - Royal Enfield / The Artist‘s Workshop

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Roots  / Rooms Inside Out / Vessel / Peach - Royal Enfield / The Artist‘s Workshop

Roots: A short movie about deforestation in a fantasy forest. The story follows a friendly tree spirit as it makes its escape from the woodcutters. A story about Gyllen, a tree spirit/ guardian, suffering the consequences of deforestation. It is a chase scene trough the forest and the villain is represented by the sound + music. The story is built out of 3 parts: Green Forest, Red Forest and Black Forest. The third part is the total annihilation of the forest, the character loses all hope. This is a final year group project made by 5 Howest DAE students in about 17 weeks time during academic year 2021-2022.

Howest University of Applied Sciences / Digital Arts & Entertainment: Alexy Muller


Rooms Inside Out: Liminal Spaces are places of transition, both literally and metaphorically. Their ominous, sometimes even creepy, atmosphere oozes uncertainty and potential at the same time. In “Rooms Inside Outside” such Liminal Spaces are generated digitally, based on a short questionnaire. These algorithmically generated Liminal Spaces are navigable after their creation and can be explored, in a similar way to computer games.

Merz Akademie: Jan-Filip Kvrgic (Merz Akademie graduate)


Vessel is the first Virtual Production short film produced at Breda University of Applied Sciences using our new LED wall courtesy of ROE Visual. This project is a collaboration between our research department Cradle, together with students from our Creative Business and Creative Media and Game Technologies degree programs.                                                        

Breda University of Applied Sciences: Ella Betts (Virtual Production Coordinator and Voice Talent)


Take a deep breath is based on our abstract interpretation of a dystopianfuture, in which the long-term consequences of air pollution are shown.The protagonist, Jonas, spends his days sitting on top of a billboard looking down on a crisis-ridden city. The only thing keeping him alive is his helmet which supplies him with cleanoxygen, but even he has to realize that his time is limited, as he watches a leaf from one ofthe plants inside his helmet crumble and fall.

Hochschule Mainz – University of Applied Sciences:  Alicia Zimmermann (Character artist) & Franziska Moede (Concept and environment artist)


Project Peach / Royal Enfield is a short film created as part of a special collaborative experience at the Savannah College of Art and Design in the Spring of 2022. Under the supervision of Professors of Visual Effects Bridget Gaynor and Dr. Deborah Fowler, students were given the cue to “Create a production-quality vehicle advertisement using visual effects”. Assigned to teams of 3 or 4, all were required to work with students from other areas of the program that they had never met.  In 10 weeks’ time, Team Peach was responsible for all work from concept to completion.

SCAD Savannah College of Art and Design:  Julia Epprecht ( Modeling and Texturing), Owen Sun  (Look Development and Environment), Zhifan Wang (Camera and Lighting), presented by Gray Marshall (Chair Visual Effects)


The Artist‘s Workshop is an interactive experience, trying to convey different emotions through various micro-interactions. These „game-vignettes“ will be accessed through paintings, which serve as “thumbnails“ and can be found throughout the tower. Inside the vignettes, the setting as well as gameplay varies and can be abstract to a certain extent. 

Fachhochschule Salzburg / MultiMediaArt: David Brenner (Illustration/ Concept Art/ 2D Animation), Dominik Kerschbaumer (Technical Art/ Gameplay Development/ Asset Creation), Victoria Werner (Asset Creation/ Set Dressing/ Gameplay Development/ VFX)Raphael Strodl (Project Management, Asset Creation, Level Design und Visual Effects)