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ON SITE Raum Tübingen Tuesday, May 03, 15:45

LED Wall Fireside Chat

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Join this exciting and insightful fireside chat, taking place on the VP stage at FMX, with Industry pioneers such as Paul Debevec (Netflix), Mikko Matikainen (The Mill), Shelley Smith (DNEG Animation) and David Sheldon-Hicks (Territory Studios) as they go deep and candid about Virtual Production and its future.

Moderated by: Hasraf 'HaZ' Dulull, HaZimation

Paul Debevec, Director of Research, Creative Algorithms and Technology, Netflix

Paul Debevec is Netflix’s Director of Research for Creative Algorithms and Technology where he oversees R&D in new technologies in computer vision, computer graphics, and machine learning with applications in visual effects, virtual production, and animation.  His 2002 Light Stage 3 system at the USC Institute for Creative Technologies was the first LED Stage to illuminate live-action actors with imagery of digital sets for virtual production.  Techniques from Paul’s work have been used to create key visual effects sequences in The Matrix, Spider-Man 2, Benjamin Button, Avatar, Gravity, Furious 7, Blade Runner: 2049, Gemini Man, Free Guy, numerous video games, and to record a 3D Portrait of US President Barack Obama.  His light stage facial capture technology has helped numerous technology companies, video game studios, and visual effects companies create photoreal digital actors and advance ML datasets for facial appearance.  Paul’s work in HDR imaging, image-based lighting, and light stage facial capture has been recognized with two technical Academy Awards and SMPTE’s Progress Medal.  Paul is a Fellow of the Visual Effects Society and a member of the Television Academy's Science and Technology Peer Group, and has served on the Motion Picture Academy's Visual Effects Executive Committee and Science and Technology Council, and as Vice President of ACM SIGGRAPH.  More info at:

Mikko Martikainen, Technical Art Director, The Mill

Mikko is an experienced entrepreneur and technical creative with a wide range of experience in VR/AR and VFX. He began his career as a Software Developer, but quickly moved into 3D Animation and VFX, working for companies in London, LA & Helsinki like The Mill, Method Studios, and Glassworks.In 2010, he founded the VFX & XR creative consultancy, Miculeney, which is still in operation today. His experience as an entrepreneur includes Sayduck, which he co-founded and served as CEO, as well as a Creative Technical Director of the VR studio There's No Spoon.Currently, Mikko works as a Technical Art Director at The Mill in London. His consultancy, Miculeney, is also still active. He has worked in creative and technical roles for brands like Sony PlayStation, Adidas, Xbox, Samsung, Tiger Beer, Mastercard and others in various studios around the world.

David Sheldon-Hicks, Co-Founder, Territory Studio

As co-founder of Territory Studio, David’s love of storytelling and technology, and eye for emotive details has established a reputation for beautifully crafted, design-led graphic narratives across genres and media.

Today, Territory is a diverse multidisciplinary team that thrives on world-building and future-envisioning challenges attracting diverse briefs across entertainment, technology, arts & culture, and brand content. 

Recent studio credits include feature films Bond: No Time to Die, and Swan Song (AppleTV+)


Shelley Smith, Producer, DNEG Animation

Shelley Smith started in Feature Animation in 2010 as an intern at Pixar Animation Studios. Over the last decade, she has worked on six feature films, including Coco, Toy Story 4, Jungle Book and Ron’s Gone Wrong, as well as, numerous shorts and television specials.  She has also worked in clearances and development, utilizing her law degree from the University of Florida. Mr. Spam Gets a New Hat is her first Producer role.

Hasraf 'HaZ' Dulull, Director & Producer, HaZimation

HaZ started his career in Video games before moving into Visual Effects,  and then later transitioning over to Directing & Producing with his breakout feature film THE BEYOND, the indie sci-fi was released in 2018 and was number 2 in the iTunes Charts before being licensed on Netflix and turning into a profitable movie.  His second feature film - 2036 Origin Unknown, starring Katee Sackhoff (Battlestar Galactica, The Mandalorian) earned a limited Theatrical release before landing on Netflix.  He was then hired by Disney to helm the pilot for action comedy series Fast Layne, where he also served as EP / Creative Consultant on the entire series.   HaZ is the co-founder of production company HaZimation producing animated feature films, series and video games based on their propriety pipeline utilising Unreal Engine.  Currently in produciton of RIFT (animated feature film + video game).   He is represented in Hollywood by The Vendetta Group.