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ON SITE Raum Reutlingen Tuesday, May 03, 11:45

Large Scale Simulation for Marvels Loki

In this talk, RISE Visual Effects Studios’ Head of FX Fuat Yüksel will provide an in-depth behind- the scenes look on the techniques and tricks they used to deliver large scale simulation work in an extremely short timeframe. He will describe how they used multiple solvers in one shot and how they interacted with each other as much as possible to sell the idea of fully integrated simulation work. He will talk about the importance of detail in large scale simulations and the use of SideFX’s Masterclasses in early production stage.

Fuat Yüksel, Head of Simulation, RISE | Visual Effects Studios

Fuat Yüksel works as Head of Simulation at RISE Visual Effects Studios. He holds a diploma in Design & Animation from the University of Applied Sciences. Being also graduated in Mathematics, he combines aesthetic and visual expertise with technical knowledge in the realms of CG-maths and physics. Solvers, dynamics and physical phenomena from position based dynamics used in CFX, over destruction, to volumetric simulation like pyro and fluids to solving cloth simulation issues are his biggest passions. Fuat loves combining art with science. His recent work include feature films and episodics like "Loki", “Stranger things”, “Captain Marvel”, and "Guardians of the Galaxy II".