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ON SITE Raum Reutlingen Thursday, May 05, 10:00
Horizon 2020 project INVICTUS (Innovative Volumetric Capture and Editing Tools for Ubiquitous Storytelling)

Volumetric Capture Technologies for Interactive Narratives 

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The workshop will present the most recent advances in volumetric capture and processing technologies within the H2020 project INVICTUS. We will demonstrate the impact of novel shape representations and motion retargeting techniques on 3D volumetric captured data using deep learning technologies. We will also demonstrate how these technologies can be exploited in Virtual and Augmented Reality applications to create more realistic and more interactive volumetric representations of characters.


Associate Professor Marc Christie, Project Coordinator, Horizon 2020 project INVICTUS (Innovative Volumetric Capture and Editing Tools for Ubiquitous Storytelling)

Dr. Marc Christie is a member of the Mimetic research team with the IRISA lab. His main center of interest is Interactive Virtual Cinematography. Starting from his Ph.D in 2003 he has been exploring means to design creative tools for media and 3D industries. He authored 7 patents, and has been coordinating technology transfers with the industry (Technicolor, Unity, SolidAnim), and has co-authored over 60 journals and conference papers in selective venues. He also coordinated multiple courses at major venues (Siggraph Asia, Eurographics). His research is currently focusing on novel media (non-linear interactive narratives), computational narratives and computational cinematography. He currently coordinates the H2020 Project INVICTUS on volumetric capture and processing technologies for interactive narratives.

Dr. Philippe Guillotel, Distinguished Scientist, InterDigital Research & Innovation

Philippe Guillotel, Distinguished Scientist at InterDigital Research & Innovation, France. He currently leads a team of experts in the field of the digital human and how to make those virtual characters (or avatars) socially interacting with the users in a realistic way. Including multi-modal interfaces and the sense of touch (haptics). In addition, he is looking at how virtual and real environments can efficiently co-exist to prepare the future responsible metaverse.

Dr. Jan Ondřej, Chief Technology Officer, Volograms

Jan is a co-founder and CTO of Volograms leading a team of researches and engineers developing volumetric video applications. For the past 15 years he was working as a researcher in the areas of character animation, crowd simulation, volumetric video and AR/VR technologies at various places, e.g. Trinity College Dublin, Disney Research LA or INRIA Rennes.