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Halon Entertainment Presents Visualizing The Batman

For Warner Brothers’ ’The Batman’, Halon Entertainment (a NEP Virtual Studios Company) created dynamic previsualization action sequences, grounded in the real world, to help define Matt Reeves’ bold new vision of Gotham City. Join Halon’s Jess Marley (Virtual Art Department) and Keith Fallon (Previsualization Supervisor) as we take a closer look at how previs and virtual production served the VFX to help create these dark and thrilling sequences. Featuring never before seen material exclusive to the FMX in-person audience.

Jess Marley, Virtual Art Department Supervisor, Halon Entertainment

Jess was born and raised in Syracuse, New York. He attended college in Sarasota, Florida and received a BFA in Computer Animation at Ringling College of Art and Design. Moving to southern California after graduation, he began his career at a small graphics boutique, GreenhausGFX in Culver City as a 3D generalist. After a few years of freelancing at various studios around LA, he partnered with Tree Media in creating graphics for a variety of climate change shorts and documentaries, the most recent being HBO's "Ice on Fire".  In the spring of 2016, he joined Halon as a Previs artist working on titles such as Ride Along 2, War for the Planet of the Apes, Pacific Rim: Uprising, Logan, and The Call of the Wild before taking on a more specialized role as a Supervisor in Halon’s Virtual Art Department. He has worked on titles such as Red Notice, The Batman, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, and a host of blockbuster level films currently in production. He currently resides in Playa Del Rey with his wife Jennie and son Cooper. 

Keith Fallon, Previsualization Supervisor, Halon Entertainment

Keith blends creative and technical knowledge to help take sequences from concept to finished work. Having started out his career in finals VFX on Steven Soderberg’s Haywire before becoming a Technical Director working on both films and episodics Keith has over 30 years of CG experience, working in Design, Games, TV and Film in San Francisco, London and Beijing. With a keen understanding of on-set demands Keith can make the most creative shots feasible. Keith joined Halon in 2019 working on films such as The Suicide Squad and Red Notice before serving as a Visualization Supervisor on The Batman. Keith’s most recent projects include The Lost City and serving as the Techvisualization Supervisor on John Wick: Chapter 4 and a host of blockbuster franchise films currently in production.