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ON SITE Raum Karlsruhe Wednesday, May 04, 17:00

Panel discussion: The challenges of creating high-end VFX for episodic TV

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Join us for our panel discussion on crafting high-end VFX for episodic TV. We’ve invited industry experts to share their valuable knowledge and experience, discuss the challenges of new technological trends, and shed light on questions we’ve asked about their work.

During the discussion, we’ll cover the ever-increasing demand for content on streaming services, remote work, how technology, artist skillsets and workflows have evolved, using virtual production to hit tight deadlines, and much more. 

Be sure to join host Lyudmil Vanev in the Karlsruhe room on May 4, from 5 PM to 6 PM. 


Lyudmil Vanev, Team Lead Production & Consulting, Chaos

Lyudmil is a CG professional with more than 10 years’ experience in the field of architectural visualization, animation and visual effects. Before joining Chaos, he worked as a CG specialist and compositor at some of the biggest VFX studios in Bulgaria. Lyudmil joined the Chaos  team in 2014 and since then he’s focused on helping companies and professionals get the best out of V-Ray rendering engine.


David Anastacio, CG Supervisor, Mackevision

After studying industrial design, David started working as a 3D and comp artist in advertising. He is now a CG supervisor at Mackevision’s Stuttgart VFX department, where his productions include Game of Thrones, Watchmen, Lost in Space, Foundation, and Star Trek: Discovery, as well as commercial projects for Porsche, BMW, and Mercedes.


Remus Avram, Lead DevOps and System Engineer, TRIXTER

Remus is a lead devops and system engineer at German VFX studio Trixter. After studying mathematics and computer Science, Remus's decade-long career started as a render wrangler for films including Iron Man 3 and Cloud Atlas. His expertise expanded into integrating new technologies in the pipeline department, and finally into systems where he currently leads the IT team.


Oliver Markowski, Head of 3D, RISE | Visual Effects Studios

Oliver Markowski became the head of 3D at RISE Visual Effects Studios in 2020 after successfully delivering the full-CG animated feature Dragonrider as a VFX supervisor. Before joining the RISE team, Oliver worked as a freelancer for notable companies including Scanline, Trixter, Mackevision, and Framestore. Oliver is also a proud self-proclaimed geek who builds gadgets such as a low-budget mini-light-stage for face scanning.


Georgios Mouroussidis, CG-Supervisor, Mackevision

Georgios studied Computer Science in Stuttgart and started working as a freelancer in 2004. Georgios worked for companies like Scanline, Trixter, Pixomondo and Mackevision.

He joined the Mackevision VFX staff 2016 as a 3D-Technical Director and is now a CG-Supervisor. He has worked on projects like Game of Thrones, Lost in Space, Star Trek:Discovery.


Christopher Smallfield, VFX Supervisor, TRIXTER

Christopher is a VFX supervisor with over 18 years’ experience in film and television. Chris worked his way up across multiple continents as a 3D artist, CG supervisor, to his current role leading VFX teams at German VFX studio Trixter. Having worked on huge international productions such as Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings and the Loki TV series, he carries a reputation for his eye for detail and genuine passion for his projects.

Agon Ushaku, Head of CAD Management, Unexpected

As head of CAD management at Unexpected GmbH in Stuttgart, Agon is responsible for industrial visualization and the studios' 3D data management pipeline. Agon has been successful in the professional CG industry for 25 years, ranging from entertainment to industrial visualizations. Agon is also a board member of the Visual Effects Society Germany, and a lecturer of design and modelling at the University of Applied Sciences in Stuttgart and Freiburg.