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Understanding The ACES Color Workflow in Nuke X

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The Academy Color Encoding System, also known as ACES, is becoming a standard color management solution for every VFX studio in the world. With the increased number of collaborations between studios all around the world and the complexity of modern VFX shows, ACES is essential to maintain the workflow of post production end-to-end preserving the artistic intent of the filmmakers. This seminar is dedicated to demystify the ACES system and to understand its color transformations from Read to Write, and provide VFX artists with an overview to understand the principles and best practices of dealing with an ACES workflow in NUKE. Everything is simple terms, with practical examples and accessible to everyone.


Victor Perez, Director & Visual Effects Supervisor

Victor Perez is a film director, screenwriter and visual effects artist with more than 20 year of combined experience, and has worked on a number of Hollywood films, including ‘The Dark Knight Rises’, ‘Rogue One: A Star Wars Story’, ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows’, plus many more.

Considered a visual effects compositing guru, awarded with the Italian Academy Award for his work as VFX Supervisor on 'The Invisible Boy: Second Generation' in 2019, Victor started his career in the film industry as a photographer and digital compositing artist. He then work on collaborations as 2D technical director and consultant where he developed a combination of both artistic and technical understanding of film postproduction and visual effects from a photorealistic point of view. Today he designs and oversees the process creation of feature film visual effects as VFX Supervisor.

In 2015, Victor delved into the world of film directing, and has written and directed two short films, receiving more than 27 awards and nominations for his debut 'Another Love' (2015). His latest short film 'Echo' (2017) uses pioneering, never-seen-before motion control technology and was shot in just five long takes. The film has won 20 awards worldwide including best film, best director and best visual effects, for which has been also nominated for Outstanding Virtual Cinematography at the Visual Effects Society (VES) Awards 2019. Victor’s passion for story telling combined with his award-winning directing and visual effects artistry has positioned him as an up-and-coming film director and a one-to-watch in the industry.

Christy Anzelmo, Chief Product Officer, Foundry

Christy Anzelmo joined Foundry in 2015. As Chief Product Officer she is responsible for leading strategic vision and delivery of Foundry’s product portfolio. Christy has a strong background in product design and business management with 15 years of product leadership experience across fashion, electronics, and software products. She holds a BS from Cornell University and MBA from the University of Colorado.

Juan Salazar, Director of Product - Compositing, Editorial and Review, Foundry