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How 3D-Artists will be the next generation of influencers

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We dive deep into the world of non-fungible tokens and their use cases, explore how you can earn money on your digital assets, and understand what the future holds for this market.

Shora Shirzad, CEO, Mapstar AG

Shora Shirzad is the CEO and Founder of Mapstar, a map-based XR metaverse for the physical world where people can create, edit, own, trade, and share Extended Reality (XR) maps, collaborate, or explore the 3D worlds of others.

With Mapstar’s sophisticated mapping features for Android and iOS, people can capture the world around them, add contextual information and build Extended Reality (XR) maps, virtual reality landscape that everyone can share with others. Customize their XR universe with unique experiences and digital assets like text, links, videos, and their customized 3D models to create a Metaverse that reflects their personality and immerses their visitors in a unique experience that allows them to view the world through your eyes.

Shora's professional career would not be understood without highlighting his time in different companies in which he held various responsibilities. He was Software Project Manager at Porsche AG, Software project manager in customer implementation at Deutsche ACCUMOTIVE GmbH, or IT project manager at XTRONIC GmbH, to mention a few. It is also remarkable that Shora is the founder of the first Augmented and Virtual Reality Meetup group in Stuttgart and KA Primary focus.