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ONLINE Raum Tübingen Friday, May 06, 13:45

Untold Studios Presents the Super Bowl Hit Frito-Lay 'Push It'

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Join Untold Studios' VFX Supervisor Tom Raynor for a behind the scenes look at how the BAFTA and EMMY nominated team made the Super Bowl hit spot 'Push It'. 

45 artists from around the globe teamed together to create seven photoreal creatures at record speed. The chorus of singing and break-dancing creatures include a sloth, fox, croc, bear, and deer along with a bird voiced by Megan Thee Stallion and a herd of head bopping buffalo.

Please note, this presentation will only be available on May 6.

Tom Raynor, VFX Supervisor, Untold Studios

Tom is VFX Supervisor at Untold Studios with vast experience in film and commercial projects.

Tom has led a number of critically acclaimed projects including Avanti’s ‘Feel Good Travel’, Playstation’s ‘The Edge’ with Martin De Thurrah, and AFK Arena’s ‘Toilet’ with Nick Ball. Most recently, he has led Frito-Lay’s Super Bowl ‘Flamin’ Hot’, featuring seven photorealistic creatures. 

He has been FX Supervisor on many award-winning films including ‘Ready Player One’, ‘Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom’ and ‘Aladdin’. His work on commercials includes award-winning projects such as Guinness’ ‘Cloud’, Smithwick’s ‘Squirrel’, Lipton’s ‘Revolution in Tea’ and Sky’s ‘Sky Cinema’.