Conference The State of VFX Then & Now
ONLINE König-Karl-Halle presented by Unreal Engine Friday, May 06, 12:30

Virtual Production in Miniature

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UK Special effects crew InCamera bring their love of practical filmmaking and traditional techniques to virtual production.

Our film explores what can be achieved when mxing time-honoured techniques including miniature photography, motion control and scenic design with the exciting and rapidly developing technology of virtual production.

We will be experimenting with a number of different setups, environments and methods to see what results can be achieved, and what lessons can be learned from bringing two very different, but complimentary worlds together on screen.


James Price, FX Supervisor, InCamera Studios

James Price has worked professionally on TV and Film productions for over 20 years.Working experience has included Art Department, Visual effects supervision and special effects roles.Recently James has joined the team at InCamera, to focus on fx work and creating illuminating content for their YouTube channel.

Tommy Martin, Director, InCamera Studios

Creative Director at InCamera Studios, Tommy has worked as a director and DP on commercials and features for around 15 years.
A child of the 80s, Tom is passionate about practical, in-camera filmmaking with a focus on contemporary culture, technology and socio-political issues.