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Filmakademie Presentations: Technical Directing, Setextension and VFX

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Technical Directing Presentations

Animationsinstitut of Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg offers a 30-month training program for computer science graduates who are aiming to become Technical Directors (TD). The program combines students’ previous technical knowledge with actual film projects. Working in a production team, they learn how to solve real-world problems. They design setups and rigs, acquire experience in lighting, shading, rendering, textures and effects, learn how to work with expressions and scripts, to program tools and plug-ins, to automate animation and other processes as well as to set up workflows and production pipelines. As part of the curriculum, students can actively participate in the Institute's research and development projects.Speakers are TD students in their second year of project studies.


Lukas Kapp: Creature Rigging & Simulation, Bee Swarm Simulation, Research Inverse Rigging

Justus Henne: Virtual Production LED Wall, Game Project Miasma, Research Procedural Animation


Set Extention Workshop

Each year, the Set Extension Workshop brings together students from the fields of animation/visual effects, camera and production design: In just three months, the interdisciplinary team creates a VFX short film - from brainstorming all the way to post-production. Under the guidance of lecturers David Maas (Production Management), Tonio Freitag (VFX,R&D), Thomas Stammer (Production Design) and Thomas Merker (Camera), around 15 students start each year at the beginning of October. This year the workshop focused clearly on the integration of technological innovation, as the visual effects were realized with an LED wall instead of green screen technology.


Philipp Dörrer, Benjmain Gätzschmann (VFX Supervision), Eileen Kammer (Visual Artist), Svenja Weber (Animation Effects Producing), Saskia Stirn (Animation Effects Producing)

FMX presentation of the film and the set extension workshop in general. Disoriented the leader of the valkyrie wakes up in an abandoned ancient temple, embedded in an ice cave where she discovers the source of her peoples' strength.

VFX: Cybercity Lovestory

The student project "Cybercity Lovestory" encompasses an exhaustive Science-Fiction story world. This is a serial format that is told as filmic narrative as well as VR game.

Cybercity Lovestory

Carly Coco (Director), Yili Baumann (Production), Julius Dorsel (Production), Eddy Schäfer (Game Design), Anna Vehres (Set Design), Sebastian Ganschow (Director of Photography)