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Filmakademie Presentations: Graduation Projects Interactive Media and AniFilm/AniPlay Projects

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Interactive Media

By specializing in Interactive Media at Animationsinstitut you learn how to design, plan and implement games, apps, VR experiences, media installations, and other interactive experiences. The focus is on the social as well as playful interaction of users and observers with the possibilities offered by media. You have unlimited room to experiment with formats. It is a 2,5 year postgraduate course, The ideal basis for is is a degree in media sciences, communication sciences, humanities, natural sciences, journalism or a related discipline.

Application deadline for courses starting in fall is February 15 each year. International students are welcome! For more information please go to


World of Gra

Clara Deitmar (Transmedia / Games Directing), Malte Hartleb (Transmedia / Games Directing)

The World of Gra is a comprehensive, abstract story world. The two previous formats, "The Stargatherer" and "The Bear" are also outlined here.



Malte Hartleb (Transmedia / Games Directing), Clara Deitmar (Transmedia / Games Directing)

The room installation "Hovering Points" consists of seven interactive swings suspended in a storage room that has been empty for years. The swings invite visitors to sit, swing and play, casting colorful circles of light onto the wall. With each swing stroke, a sound emanates from the wooden swing body in a moment of weightlessness. The more visitors swing, the more the sounds merge into music.  The darkened room becomes a body of sound, seemingly set in motion by the swinging points of light.  Long ropes appear as strings of an instrument that is played from inside, wherein the players shape the atmosphere and are carried by it.


AniFilm / AniPlay Third Year Projects

Under the headline "IP Development and Production in a Team", third year Animation and Interactive Media students of Animationsinstitut (Filmakademie Baden-W├╝rttemberg) produce a short film and a game experience each based on a stylistically individual world. The technically innovative clips are produced within four months: in joint workshops, students develop their initial ideas, and work in interdisciplinary teams. Projects are then supervised by teaching staff conceptually, technically, and during implementation.

Projects presented this year are:


Ilya Barrett, Karla Riebartsch (Directing), Maximilian Schubert, Alexander Knufinke (Animation Effects / Transmedia Games Producing)

On a distant world, an ignorant Knubbel called Taro is suddenly torn from their peaceful slumber. They awaken to an odd society built around a mysterious and entrancing Matter, and are quickly caught up in a journey of greed and addiction.



Dominik Girod (Director Film), Anita Kerbel (Director Play); Sylvia Jorde, Lennard Fricke (Animation Effects and Transmedia Games Producing)

In a world out of balance, the fateful symbiosis between a chestnut and a mushroom takes on a journey through the dark and toxic wasteland to find other living beings and a better place to live.



Tobias Eckerlin (Directing Film), Shadab Shayegan (Co-Directing Film), Vincent Maurer (Directing Play), Tobias Eckerlin (Co-Directing Play), Andra Cezara Berila (Animation Effects Producing), Konstantin Schraps (Transmedia Games Producing)

A creature is living in a dark and cold world, after the sun had exploded. He is constantly holding on to a piece of the sun that emits light. But every time he moves, there seems to be something that wants to come out from beneath the stone.