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ONLINE Raum Ulm Friday, May 06, 12:30

Filmakademie Presentations: Graduation Projects Animation

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The curriculum at Animationsinstitut is highly diversified, covering the full spectrum from artistically sophisticated, animated films to photo-realistic effects productions and technically innovative real-time variants. Students in the various specializations work together across departments and academies to carry out hands-on projects in teamwork. Students can choose from all production and animation types in order to define their own style: Drawn animation, full CG, stop-motion, real-time animation, live action, interactive applications, VR and other techniques are all part of the curriculum. The practice-oriented workflow is central to every project realized at the institute.

Application for basic studies and for lateral entry in the third year of studies is possible until February 15 each year for a start in end of September. For more information please go to

Projects presented in this slot are:

The Last Bar

When 21-year old Melvin finds himself on a misty cliff an old lady in a wheelchair pulls him away from the edge and into ‘The Last Bar’, a quirky place of misfits. Conflicted about what he wants from his life, Melvin struggles with his inner demons pushing him towards the edge.


Ihabo Azzamo (Directing), Yelyzaveta Davydenko (Producing), Sylvia Jorde (Animation Effects Producing), York v. Sydow (Co-Directing)

The world as we know it has exploded centuries ago into a vast number of ‘crumbles’.Kahibo lives on such an isolated crumble: The cruel society of Barbarion. After being orphaned, he denies his true self and suppresses his emotions in order to blend in. But when Chimpo, a white-furred, talking monkey, crashes into his room, his whole world is turned upside down because Kahibo unknowingly activates a spell that binds them together forever.Will Kahibo find a way back to his emotions and re-discover his true self on this journey through the culinary arts of the Crumbleverse? This series combines laughter, action and tons of heart with food, friendship and tackling social norms to form it all into one big recipe for disaster.

Town Hall Square

Christian Kaufmann (Directing), Paulina Larson (Producing), Paul Vollet (Concept/Design), Tanja Nuijten (Concept/Design), Justus Schmidt (Technical Directing), Vanessa Schneider (Animation)

The frustrated subway ticket seller Bernard is confronted with the appearance of a little tiger, which not only turns "Town Hall Square" subway station but also Bernard's whole life upside down and leads him back to happiness.


Christopher Schmier (Directing), Sarah Schulz (Directing and Animation)

A comprehensive making-of that illustrates the creation process of the animated short film "Line 12" in all stages.