Conference Expanding Realities AR / VR / MR
ONLINE Meidinger-Saal presented by Unity Technologies Friday, May 06, 15:45

DREAM: Making Virtual Story Worlds

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Director Robin McNicholas and artist Joaquina Salgado discuss new ways of bringing virtual story worlds to life using contemporary virtual production techniques. From character design through to virtual forest creation, two key contributors to the project Dream discuss the opportunities and challenges faced with creating artistic work with games engines. On this hugely ambitious live project, the team uncovered countless new creative possibilities. Robin (UK based) & Joaquina (Argentina) discuss global collaboration and what the future holds for storytelling and live virtual production.

Robin McNicholas, Director, Marshmallow Laser Feast

Co-founder and Director of the award-winning creative studio Marshmallow Laser Feast, Robin has directed a myriad of immersive experiences, large-scale installations and live performances. 

His primary focus is on creating mixed reality storyworlds and developing narrative works for live virtual productions that explore tactile, multi-sensory interaction.

In 2021 Robin directed Dream; a collaboration with The Royal Shakespeare Company, Philharmonia Orchestra, Epic Games + Manchester International Festival featuring Nick Cave. Robin’s latest project is MLF’s most ambitious project to date; the multi-sensory location-based experience Sweet Dreams; a collaboration with writer Simon Wroe & the BFI.

Joaquina Salgado

Joaquina Salgado, Digital Artist, Marshmallow Laser Feast

New media artist from La Plata, Argentina, Joaquina Salgado combines emerging technologies to create otherworldly and abstract images, XR experiences, interactive virtual worlds and A/V performances. Her explorations between the physical and oniric worlds converge in the creation of synthetic environments using real-time technologies, digital sculpting and photo-scan. Her work reflects on internal programming and the relationship we generate with machines as an interactive mirror.

Her multimedia studies at the Universidad de Artes de La Plata led her to present her work in diverse exhibition contexts such as digital art festivals, night clubs, physical galleries and the metaverse. She has exhibited at festivals such as Mutek and Mirage, and collaborated on projects with Marshmallow Laser Feast (MLF). She is also part of Amplify DAI, an international network of women artists and curators working in the digital arts.

Her recent project Mitologias Futuras with QOA emerges from a space where image and sound are no longer mixed as differentiated and hierarchical agents, but as different forms of vibrant matter. She is currently investigating with British artist Vicky Clarke the limits of material representation between the analog-digital world and the impact on human perception.