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lllumination - Sing 2

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Illumination and Illumination Studios Paris present Sing 2! CG Supervisors Boris Jacq and Richard Adenot pull back the curtains and share a behind the scenes look at a new chapter in Sing 2. Can-do koala, Buster Moon and his all-start cast of performers including the most reclusive rock star Clay Calloway, played by legendary music icon Bono, who made his animated film debut, launch their most dazzling stage extravaganza yet!  Sing 2 is written and directed by acclaimed returning filmmaker Garth Jennings and produced by Illumination founder and CEO Chris Meledandri and Producer Janet Healy.  Boris and Richard will share production highlights from story to final frame featuring character animation, environments, effects, texture, lighting and more!  

Richard Adenot, CG Supervisor, Illumination Studios Paris

Richard Adenot began his career as a character animator on TV series.  Seeking more technical challenges, he joined Illumination Studios Paris as a Character Effects Animator on Despicable Me 2. As his career grew in the studio, his leadership skills eventually lead him to a key role on Sing 2 working as a CG Supervisor.

Boris Jacq, CG Supervisor, Illumination Studios Paris

Starting in the late nineties as a CG all-rounder and graphic artist in London and Paris, Boris Jacq then worked in various studios as a CG Supervisor on TV series, commercials, and feature films. 11 years ago, he joined Illumination Studios Paris as a CG Supervisor on multiple feature films, the latest being Sing 2. He also directed two animated short films for Universal Pictures.