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ONLINE Foyer Bertha-Benz Friday, May 06, 12:00

Slouch & Night of Shame - About Giving Up On Grandiosity

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Michael Bohnenstingl is a young creative guy from the Stuttgart area. In the final years of his studies he made a film called "SLOUCH", which is a 18 minute shortfilm, about a musician struggling with his creative process. Michael also co-developed a show-format called the "NIGHT OF SHAME", which is an emabarrassing film competition in which directors show their worst work.

Both projects are very different on the outside but both deal with turning away from grandiosity. If you are interested in what young filmmakers from the Stuttgart area have to offer, if you want to know how to make an 18 minute short film in just 1,5 years and if you want to know the pitfalls of making a strange anti-filmcompetition-competition then this is the talk for you!

Night of Shame will happen one day after this talk on the

7th of May in Stuttgart.

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Night of Shame Trailer

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Michael Bohnenstingl, Director & Writer

Michael Bohnenstingl is a writer & director, focusing on character based storytelling in animation. He took a break from studying at Animationsinstitut to work on kids-series for television at studio soi. He makes funny and touching short films & occasionally he hosts the alternative filmevent "Night of Shame". Currently he is working on long form storytelling.

"Slouch" (2021)

short film – Filmakademie – writing/direction - 18 min

"Cat Planets" (2019)

ident – Filmakademie – production / co-direction - 1 min

"Bis Donnerschdag" (2017)

short film – Filmakademie – writing/direction - 9 min

"Rasmus Klump" (2015/16)

series – ZDF/studio soi – co-writing/co-direction - 26 x 11 min

Trude's Tier "Wutspucke" (2013)

series – WDR/studio soi – direction - 7 min