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ON SITE Bertha-Benz-Saal Thursday, May 05, 15:45


The worlds of offline rendered content production and realtime graphics are becoming ever closer. Tools and techniques that were previously computationally prohibitive are increasingly becoming available for the generation of interactive user experiences.  In this talk Framestore will present a case study of the work they are currently doing on the PRESENT project, where they are utilising machine learning to enable them to bring their high end film character rigs into realtime. PRESENT collaboration partners Epic Games and the University of Augsburg will then show how next generation tools such as these can be used to create emotional engagement with a user.  From these building blocks a vision of the future is emerging that will see ever more commonplace interactions between users and emotionally engaging virtual avatars.

Steve Caulkin, Engineering Director, Epic Games Animation UK

Steve Caulkin is Engineering Director at Epic Games Animation UK (known as Cubic Motion prior to its acquisition by Epic Games). His previous work has focused on performance-driven facial animation technology, mainly for video game projects such as Spider-Man and God of War. His research work includes real-time animation projects Siren, MeetMike and Hellblade's Senua. He is currently working on facial animation technologies for MetaHumans in Unreal Engine.

Florian Lingenfelser, Chair for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence, Augsburg University

Florian Lingenfelser graduated as a Master of Science in Informatics and Multimedia from Augsburg University where he also obtained his doctoral degree in 2018.

He brings a significant amount of experience in affective computing, signal processing and machine learning. He is one of the lead developers of the Social Signal Interpretation framework (SSI), an open-source platform that allows real-time processing of multimodal social signals, and has successfully participated in multiple international research projects, such as CEEDs, Ilhaire, KRISTINA and PRESENT.

Manne Ohrstrom, Global Head of Film Software, Framestore

Manne is Framestore’s Global Head of Film Software. With anoutstanding career working across film, games and tech for companiessuch as Autodesk, Sony, EA and Shotgun, his career has taken him tothe point where art and technology meet. His current role sees himrefining Framestore’s software development practices and streamliningthe integration of innovative new and emerging tech such as AI, machinelearning and engine technology into Framestore’s established filmpipeline.