Conference The State of VFX Then & Now
ON SITE König-Karl-Halle presented by Unreal Engine Thursday, May 05, 12:30

Chris Corbould: A Special Effects History

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Special effects supervisor Chris Corbould will run down the highlights from his incredible Oscar-winning career in SFX supervision; he has worked on 15 James Bond films, including No Time To Die, as well as the Christopher Nolan Batman movies and Inception. He’ll be joined in a fireside chat with VFX journalist Ian Failes to showcase this rich history of practical effects work, particularly from the VFX Oscar-nominated No Time To Die. 

Moderated by: Ian Failes, befores & afters

Chris Corbould, Special Effects Supervisor and Second Unit Director

Chris Corbould has worked on 15 James Bond films, and has been the special effects supervisor for nine of them; No Time To Die was his latest, and a film for which he received an Oscar nomination for Best Visual Effects. Corbould has previously won an Oscar for Inception, and been nominated several more times. Amongst the intense practical effects supervision he has undertaken, Corbould has also been transitioning into second unit directing, an area he now plans to concentrate on.