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ON SITE Meidinger-Saal presented by Unity Technologies Thursday, May 05, 10:00

THE WITCHER: The Power of Visualization in Production

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For Season Two of Netflix’s hit series The Witcher, The Third Floor brought its new AR visualization tool Cyclops to set,  providing production team members and crew the ability to view digital characters and assets in real-world context  as they planned the storytelling action. The Third Floor’s Virtual Production Manager Brad Blackbourn will illustrate how visualization and virtual production is propelling filming and collaboration on productions like The Witcher and how these projects are helping  pioneer a range of innovations in real-time visualization tools.

Brad Blackbourn, Virtual Production Manager, The Third Floor, Inc.

Brad is a Creative Visualiser, Director and Virtual Cinematographer with 25+ years of experience helping shape visual storytelling on ground-breaking feature films, TV series, Theme Park Attractions, VR/AR/MR experiences & TV commercials in the USA, Europe, Asia & Australia. Before joining The Third Floor, Brad founded and managed IO Entertainment, a visual story development company based at Pinewood Studios. Previously, Brad has held many key creative supervision roles including Head of Layout & Previs at DreamWorks Animation, Head of Previs at Double Negative, Director of Photography at Framestore and Supervising Director at Stardust Entertainment.

Brad has supervised many BAFTA and Academy Award-nominated projects and is an active member of the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA). 

Currently as Virtual Production Manager at The Third Floor, Brad has directed his entertainment industry expertise into the converging areas of VR/AR/MR visualisation for the film industry and beyond. This has been achieved by consulting with key industry creatives to help design, integrate and support new Virtual Production tools and technologies, such as The Third Floor’s award winning app ‘Cyclops’ as well as new paradigms for cross--department, collaborative visualisation workflows that leverage emerging AR technologies such the Microsoft Hololens.