Present your school, its curriculum and projects. Be part of FMX 2021 and get the chance to submit projects for the track The Quest for Young Talent.


Schedule interviews and meetings with prospective students, get in touch with other faculty staff at the Animation Schools Exchange and take part in the Educators & Recruiters Exchange.

The booking comprises:


  • Entry on FMX website with logo and description of your school

  • Logo in the partner section of the FMX website, linked to your website

  • Entry on FMX online event platform with logo, school description, video clip, and contact and meeting option

  • Invitation to the Animation Schools Exchange

  • Invitation to the Educators & Recruiters Exchange

  • Students from participating schools are invited to submit projects for the track The Quest for Young Talent

  • 1 free ticket for faculty staff for FMX 2021

  • Additional discounted tickets for staff on request

  • Students from participating schools are eligible for discounted tickets


Price: 200 EUR**

* Presentations will be streamed as part of the FMX online schedule and will be accessible via video on demand until July 31 at the latest.
** 19% VAT (sales tax) will be added to prices if applicable. General terms and conditions of FMX 2021 apply.

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