SideFX is the Academy Award-winning developer of Houdini - the 3D procedural software for VFX, character FX, crowds, rigging, animation, lighting, layout, lookdev, modelling and rendering. Houdini is used by studios and individuals across the world to create incredible work for film, TV, advertising, video games and more.

Houdini at FMX 2021


Room H is brought to you by Houdini


Further program highlights by and with Houdini:


Thursday, May 06


The Houdini Series


Weta Digital Presents Godzilla v Kong and Zack Snyder’s Justice League (13:30)

Mike Chrobak, FX Lead & Jens Maartensson, FX Supervisor



A pipeline from scratch - making of the Evil Genius 2 Cinematic Trailer (14:15)

Marco Dorner (Rebellion VFX), Aleksandr Uusmees (Rebellion VFX)


Solaris and Karma in production (15:00)

Christopher Hiess (Arx Anima), Ben Lutz (Arx Anima)



RenderMan 24 | Bringing Powerful New Tools To Houdini (15:45)
Hristo Arabadzhiyski (9to3 Animation), Sarah Forcier (RenderMan), Ernst Janssen Groesbeek (9to3 Animation)



Stags & Stripes (16:30)

Ahmed Gharraph (Framestore), Gabriela Salmeron (Framestore)



Workflows from a Solaris production (17:15)

Andreas Weidman (Swiss)


SideFX Live Q&A and Exchange (18:10)

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Houdini 2020 | Showreel



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