Since 2007 'BACKSTAGE Veranstaltungstechnik GmbH' has been the partner for exhibitors and experts on media questions.


With more than 13 years of experience in the field of exhibition and event technology BACKSTAGE Veranstaltungstechnik GmbH' is a reliable and professional partner with personality. The owner-managed company by Helfried Depner, based in Ebersbach, Baden-W├╝rttemberg is - with his staff - responsible for the FMX Studio's technical equipment.



The success story between the FMX and 'BACKSTAGE Veranstaltungstechnik GmbH' is characterized by the longlasting and close cooperation.

Whether video, audio or light - the equipment for FMX is always on the cutting edge of technology, it is set up and supervised by experienced technicians during the days of the event.
We equip 18 conference rooms with high-quality media technology, such as HD/4K projectors/displays, Analog Way-4K image, data mixers and microphone wireless communication.


SPECIAL-EVENT EQUIPMENT for small and large events

The core tasks of 'BACKSTAGE Veranstaltungstechnik GmbH' include the rental of 3D technology, screens, video projectors as well as the setting up and removel of technical equipment. Numerous events throughout Europe have been carried out successfully in recent years and the visitors have always been supplied with picture, light and sound of high quality.