FMX provides excellent marketing opportunities to promote your company and present your brand to our visitors!


By branding or the hosting of networking events such as the FMX Get-Together or a Speakers Dinner, you can be sure to make an impact at FMX 2024!


Here is how you can stand out at FMX with your marketing and promotional activities.



Speakers Dinner

  from € 12,000

FMX Get-Together

  € 7,500

Branding of barriers outside of FMX venue (extra strong visibility)

  € 10,000

Branding of Lanyards

  € 7,000

Branding of Visitor bags

  € 7,000

Flyers in visitor bags

  € 1,500



Room Branding

We offer you the chance to brand the biggest conference rooms at the FMX venue! The room will be “brought to you by (your company)”, and your company reel (up to 30 seconds) will be played before every presentation in that room.


Please note: Room Branding will only be available to Premium Partners.



König-Karl-Halle (672 seating capacity)

  € 12,000

Meidinger-Saal (448 seating capactiy)

  € 9,000

Bertha-Benz-Saal (250 seating capacity)

  € 6,000



FMX Program Guide



One page ad

  € 1,500

One page ad on inside cover (IFC, IBC)

  € 2,500

One page ad on back cover (BC)

  € 3,500

* 19% VAT (sales tax) will be added to prices if applicable. General terms and conditions of FMX 2024 apply.

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