Electric Theatre Collective

Let’s put it simply. We are the Electric Theatre Collective and we make visual effects for visual productions that people watch on screens. On any screen in fact – from the tiniest spy device to the largest cinema in the galaxy, including the really big ones in alien civilisations where they gather in their trillions to laugh scathingly at humankind’s pathetic attempts at video technology.

Well we’re slowly stifling that laughter, we can tell you that for sure, and our expertise and influence – at least on this planet – is spreading throughout the visual creative arts…Film, adverts, music videos – you name it, we’ll enhance and bring to life whatever your wild and twisted imagination can conspire to invent.

We’ve got all aspects of visual creativity covered – including CGI, 2D, animation and colour grading – or to put it in layman’s terms, we can make a really good massive explosion without injuring anyone.



Portrait Ollie Gilmour
Ollie Gilmour Operations Manager