Skydance Animation

Skydance offers a dynamic, inclusive, and ever-evolving culture where innovative ideas are welcomed, and growth fostered. The partnership between unique creativity and technological advancements is demonstrated within each pillar of the company. At the heart of it all is a commitment to boldly entertaining and relevant storytelling.

While all Animation studios look to hire people who are creative and hard-working, Skydance Animation is specifically looking for pioneers who seek to push the limits of what the world’s most collaborative art form can achieve and to give those pioneers the space and the resources to build a new studio that’s doing something different.


Animation technical assistant
Senior Animator
FX Senior Artist
CFX Senior Artist
Concept Senior Artist
Character Surfacing Artist
Cloud Systems Administrator
Environment Modeling Senior Artist
Environment Generalist
Environment Surfacing Senior Artist
Lighting Artist
Lighting Senior Artist
Lighting Assistant
Pipeline Senior Engineer
Pipeline Engineer Architect
Render TD
Rigger Senior
Technical Director Supervisor
Crowds Artist

For more information please contact Sandra Lasso directly

Lighting Technical Director

For more information please contact Sandra Lasso directly