Rocket Science VFX

Rocket Science is an Emmy nominated boutique visual effects studio collaborating with filmmakers to create stunning visual imagery utilizing artistry, science and technology. Located in Toronto, Canada, notable credits include Eric Kripke’s Emmy nominated superhero series THE BOYS (Amazon), the epic video game adaptation HALO (Paramount +), the BAFTA winning mini-series TITANIC (iTV), six seasons of Naren Shankar’s sci-fi series THE EXPANSE (Amazon), and features such as Neil Jordan’s GRETA (Sidney Kimmel, John Leonetti’s WISH UPON (Broad Green Pictures) and David Cronenberg’s upcoming Cannes release CRIMES OF THE FUTURE.

RSVFX’s current productions include Tim Burton’s WEDNESDAY (Netflix), THE BOYS S3 (Amazon), Steve Blackman’s UMBRELLA ACADEMY S3 (Netflix) and LOCKE AND KEY S3 (Netflix) from Carlton Cuse and Meredith Averill.



Spencer Heys