Electric Theatre Collective

Electric Theatre is an independent, award-winning collective, comprising of a talented, diverse bunch of artists, makers and innovators.
The team are on a constant mission to produce the most creative work in the industry, including the iconic Ikea Silence the Critics Christmas spot of 2019, and more recently an ad for Meta with Droga5 in New York.The collective has won multiple awards for VFX, CGI and colour from platforms such as D&AD and the British Arrows.

In 2011 Electric opened in London as a small studio with four people. 10 years on, and it has grown to have studios in London and LA with nearly 100 employees. Working across disciplines ranging from CGI and 2D to animation and colour grading, the company is home to some of the best creative talent in the business.

Electric Theatre prides itself on creating unique, experimental work that combines the cultural interest of art, with the polish and accessibility of commercial work. The founders of the company are very much present day-to-day, and make decisions about projects based on the creative opportunity first, before considering the financial gain.

There is a massive emphasis on culture within the collective. You will find regular staff social events in the office, and department nights out. Team members work in a spacious new office space, with catered staff lunches provided twice a week. In terms of company benefits, team members also have access to; Vitality healthcare, quarterly cinema tickets and 1-to-1 professional coaching through Electric Theatre’s More Happi membership.

There is no one way to an entry-level role at Electric Theatre. For the company, it’s simply down to attitude, personality, and hard work. People have started their careers at Electric Theatre by making a good impression behind the bar at the local pub, or delivering an award-winning student film. There are internships and graduate roles (usually junior artist positions) available. For those who aren’t sure about what they want to do, but would like to get some initial experience, applying for a front-of-house position could also be a good first step.



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