For more than 10 years now, benuts is a creative hub in visual effects for cinema, television, scenography and advertising is specialized in compositing, matte painting, after effects, motion design, opening credits, photorealistic 3D, Houdini FX, on-set supervision, art concept, artistic direction.


You can find all our vacancies here:

VFX Coordinator

The VFX Coordinator is in charge of the communication between the client and the studio. Works together with VFX producers, supervisors and artists to ensure shots are being tracked and delivered according to established targets and milestones.

Nuke Compositors

The Nuke Compositor integrates elements shot in live action or CG elements to create the final image of shots, under the supervision of a Lead Compositor.

3D Generalists

The 3D artist is in charge of all the aspect of the production of 3D assets and shots involved in the creation of VFX for feature film, TV series, commercials, video clips

Data Manager

The Data Manager / IO / VFX Editor manages and oversees all the incoming and on-going flow of the data of the studio and participates to the setup of the workflow of the projects. Digital cameras formats, colorspace, software and technology relating to the live action visual effects has no secret for her/him.