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Poor Things, Nimona and War is Over!

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FMX 2024
Film & Media Exchange
On Site April 23 to 26, 2024
On Demand April 27 to May 31


Stuttgart/Germany, February 22, 2024. Human imagination has no limits - and FMX is lucky enough to host some of its most stunning manifestations. This year, the conference will provide insights into Yorgos Lanthimos' spectacular world vision as seen in POOR THINGS, the life-and-death struggle of a young demigod in PERCY JACKSON, and the charming teenage shapeshifter NIMONA, who turns into a threat for a fictitious world simply because she's deprived of what most warm-blooded creatures crave: to be loved, the way she is.


Then there's the exuberant tale about freedom with the old lizard LEO trying to escape the school terrarium he has spent his whole life in. Exquisite animation to marvel at is presented in the Oscar-nominated short WAR IS OVER!. It brilliantly intertwines a game of chess across the front in a fictitious World War I scenario with a peace message John Lennon and Yoko Ono sent out 50 years ago.


No conference without faithful companions: The ANIMATION MEDIA CREATORS REGION STUTTGART (AMRCS) have joined FMX as Gold Partner, a coalition of creative media players including the FMX Silver Partner ACCENTURE SONG VFX.


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FMX 2023
Bella Baxter (Emma Stone) in POOR THINGS - Copyright: Union Visual Effects/Disney +/Atsushi NIshijima




Yorgos Lanthimos’ multi-award-nominated feature POOR THINGS has left audiences pleasantly disturbed. Join the BAFTA-Award-winning Creative Director and Visual Effects Supervisor Simon Hughes (Poor Things, All of Us Strangers, The French Dispatch, District 9) for a deep-dive into how visual effects can bring worlds of pure imagination to life.


FMX 2023
Perseus "PERCY" JACKSON is visiting American landmarks - Copyright: Disney+


VFX fOR EPISODIC: Road trip in the USA (and beyond) with PERCY JACKSON


Raynault vfx' mandate on the first season of PERCY JACKSON was to bring Rick Riordan's world to the screen: from Camp Half Blood to Olympus, you'll travel through the intricate domains of the Underworld as well as various iconic cities and landmarks of the United States.

The small team at Raynault vfx demonstrated its proficiency by conceiving and producing over 10 extensive photorealistic cg environments of this mythical journey. Raynault's work on the Percy Jackson series also included the involvement on virtual production sets, early development concept art and on-location photography shoots.


FMX 2023
NIMONA and her various shapes - Copyright: Netflix


FEATURE ANIMATION: Crafting the look and feel of NIMONA through
bespoke character surfacing and unique environment builds


Want to learn more about how Oscar-nominated NIMONA was created? Join Avril Hug (Character Surface Lead) and Marco Manzini (Environment Model Supervisor) from DNEG Animation as they explore the craft behind character surfacing and the environment builds in this incredible animated film. They will dive into how the team at DNEG Animation brought life to the story's characters and the unique world they live in. Touching on various elements from lighting on clothing to staying true to the feel of the original comics 2D environment, this is one not to be missed!


FMX 2023
Lizard LEO has a desire for freedom - Copyright: Netflix




Leo is a recent release from Netflix and Happy Madison Productions and tells the story of a 74-year-old lizard that’s been living in the same Florida school for decades but one day decides it’s time to escape! Join the film's Art Director, Kristen Anderson (Animal Logic) and Animation Director, Jason Figliozzi (Netflix), as they take you through the character design process from concept to animation and all the iterations in between, with a focus on Leo and Ms. Malkin from an animated cast of over 200. They'll explore the vast range of scale in their hero characters and will break down the most challenging scene to reveal how they pulled off this beautifully crafted, 3D-animated musical comedy.


FMX 2023
A pigeon is delivering chess moves across enemy lines in WAR IS OVER! - Copyright: Wētā FX


ANIMATED SHORTS: WAR IS OVER! Animation Meets Real-Time at Wētā FX


Learn about the art and technology employed across the production of Oscar-nominated WAR IS OVER – Inspired by the Music of John & Yoko. Leveraging the power of their VFX and animation pipeline with the strengths and efficiencies of real-time filmmaking, learn how the Wētā FX team crafted the unique visuals on this animated short.


FMX 2023


Gold Partner: AMCRS


Baden-Wuerttemberg is Germany's top location for Visual Effects and Animation. The Network ANIMATION MEDIA
CREATORS REGION STUTTGART (AMCRS), initiated by media and film producers, consists of more than 35 VFX
providers, animation studios, games developers and interactive media companies as well as five colleges.


AMCRS is promoting the development of IP (Intellectual Property) and the establishment of technical and organizational
structures to be able to offer the region's bundled capacity to international film production companies.
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FMX is funded by the Ministry of Science, Research and Arts and the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Labour and Tourism of the State of Baden-Wuerttemberg, the City of Stuttgart and MFG Baden-Wuerttemberg, taking place in cooperation with ACM Siggraph. FMX is organized by the Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg, hosting the Animation Production Days (APD), a joint venture with the Stuttgart International Festival of Animated Film (ITFS).


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