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News | 30.03.2023



No, it’s not just a buzzword – sustainability can also be innovative. FMX tackles sustainability from all sides – behind the scenes, where preparations to organize a climate-friendly event are well under way, but also in terms of content:


You can look forward to new confirmations including a panel on sustainability aspects in an industry with large energy consumption, but also a talk on the highly acclaimed indie game ENDLING – EXTINCTION IS FOREVER. In addition, there will be a session on the VFX of the HBO series THE LAST OF US. 📺


Meanwhile HÖLDERLIN'S ECHO VR demonstrates how literature can also be experienced in virtual reality. New Forum additions complement the event lineup, including a confirmation by Silver Partner Autodesk. To make sure you get access to that green, filled-to-the-brim-program, make use of our extended Early Bird rate, available until March 31. 🐥



No, it’s not just words: Sustainability behind the scenes of FMX


Let’s reduce that carbon footprint! Less than four weeks before FMX 2023 – an event certified as climate-friendly by the KSS Klimaschutzstiftung Baden-Württemberg – kicks off, lots of measures have been taken. One applies to the trash that is no one’s treasure: Specific changes in the area of resources include, for example, reducing decorations and promotional displays. European speakers will travel by train as much as possible in order to reduce emissions. When booking travel for international speakers, CO2 offsetting will help compensate for the emissions incurred. Further steps into the right, green, sustainable direction concern energy & water supply, accommodation, catering, purchasing, event marketing & public relations – here they are.





EVOLVING panel on sustainability and energy consumption


Confronting our own industry, in a constructive manner. The panel "Evolving Research & Technology for a Minimized Footprint" with Volker Helzle (Animationsinstitut, Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg), Jonathan Harris (dupeVFX), Prof. Jan Adamczyk (Hochschule der Medien) and Ben Kent (Foundry) will focus on technological advances that make sustainable media productions possible and necessary – also in view of increased computing power on the one hand and rising energy costs on the other. In this context, more and more production companies have published reports on environmental protection and sustainability plans. This raises a number of questions: How will the issue of sustainability become part of the training of the next generation of media professionals? What requirements are placed on VFX service providers and animation studios, and are they comprehensible? Along with salary and equality, is sustainability a criteria that should be considered when choosing an employer? The panel includes short input presentations and invites exchange with you, the FMX audience.




Philipp Nägelsbach talks ENDLING – EXTINCTION IS FOREVER, a game about climate change


Bringing climate change and gaming together in a meaningful way: The award-winning game ENDLING – EXTINCTION IS FOREVER succeeds in bringing awareness to social and ecological issues caused by humanity’s impact on the environment. The player experiences these issues from the perspective of the last mother fox on Earth, who needs to find food and a safe place for her little cubs. Producer Philipp Nägelsbach will talk about the game’s approach to treat real world issues in an effective and emotional way.



Espen Nordahl (Storm Studios) shares VFX insights into THE LAST OF US


Storm Studios was the longest running creative partner for VFX on HBO's THE LAST OF US, from early pre-production all the way to final delivery of over 150 VFX shots. Storm helped to define some of the most important and challenging creative aspects of the show including close-up CG infected, cordyceps, CG stunt doubles, and the infamous infected kissing scene. VFX Supervisor Espen Nordahl will dig into the design process, working with the source material from the game and his obsession with grounding VFX work in plate photography, even when it's full CG.


AR / VR / MR


Immersive literary adaptations HÖLDERLIN'S ECHO VR and SHAKESVR


Fully immerse yourself in the beauty of literature. Hannes Rall's HÖLDERLIN'S ECHO VR explores the life and work of the famous German poet Friedrich Hölderlin through an animated serious game in VR, created in collaboration with the University of Tübingen (Prof. Susanne Marschall, co-writer/director), Stuttgart Media University (Prof. Stefan Radicke) and the Hölderlinturm Museum Tübingen. Rall has been working with renowned partners on animated VR literary adaptations since 2016: His previous projects include SHAKESVR and PERICLES with the Shakespeare Institute in Stratford-upon-Avon. Together with Prof. Susanne Marschall, Hannes Rall will provide insights into the creative and technological development and production processes of the projects thereby also addressing the specific challenges that arise from the transformation of literature into animation and gaming.



New additions to the FMX Forum are as follows:


Recruiting Hub: Mack Animation, Milk VFX, Wētā FX.


Marketplace: Chaos, HP, Manus, Singarajan VFX, Synk, 3D Connexion.


Workshops: Avid, Escape Technology, VFX PICK STUDIO.



Silver Partner: Autodesk


From greener buildings to smarter products to mesmerizing blockbusters, Autodesk software helps you design and make a better world for all. Autodesk is the software company behind the professional 3D animation and modeling tools like Maya and 3ds Max used to bring many of today’s hottest games, TV shows, and blockbusters. Artists around the world use Autodesk software to unlock their creativity and create unforgettable experiences.


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