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News | 28.04.2022



it's the final countdown! 🎊 The program is set and we are so excited to see all of you in Stuttgart next week! Take a look at the program on our website! 🌐


Be excited for presentations on the VFX of THE WITCHER, a track dedicated to Games & Beyond and the last additions to the Forum. 📢


The Ticket Shop will be closing soon, but online tickets remain available!
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  Creature Ideation & Realisation for the World of Witcher Season 2


In this presentation Madeleine Spencer will present key elements from the Cinesite pipeline in the realisation of two creatures from THE WITCHER Season 2, The Basilisk and the Chernobog. Considered design is the cornerstone of every iconic creature. Each aspect of the pipeline, from start to finish, should be guided by a consistent notion of shape language, colour palette, and anatomy, whilst remaining adaptable to the inherent changes between concept and final on-screen beast.


Focusing on informative case studies from Cinesite's concept driven asset pipeline, in this presentation Madeleine will break down how the artists at Cinesite make this happen.




  Thinking Like a Game Designer: An intro to open-world game development


This talk by Craig Amai (Blizzard) shines a light on what Game Designers do, breaks down key principles for how they do it, and uses open-world games as an example to show game design philosophies in practice. The intended audience are those new to or aspiring to work in large game studios, or those curious about the processes of game development and game design.

  Art Directing Stylised Cinematics with Riot Games


In this session, Almu Redondo (Axis Studios) will dive into the craft of Art Directing for stylized short films and game cinematics, working with Riot Games and the teams at Axis Studios. Almu will take a closer look at how to shape powerful worlds and character moments, what this 2.5D style does entail and what the cornerstones of this illustrative cinematic look are.


  The making of the SNIPER ELITE 5 cinematic trailer by Rebellion Film Studios
Join Hugo Guerra, the Director, and He Sun, the VFX Supervisor, behind the scenes on how Rebellion Film Studios created a full CG cinematic for the game SNIPER ELITE 5. They discuss the trailer's concept and creative vision, showcase the MoCap shoot and stunt performance, go over the animation, modelling, lighting, rendering, compositing, USD pipeline and grading to deliver this epic CG trailer.



SideFX is the Academy Award-winning developer of Houdini - the 3D procedural software for VFX, character FX, crowds, rigging, animation, lighting, layout, lookdev, modelling and rendering. Houdini is used by studios and individuals across the world to create incredible work for film, TV, advertising, video games and more.

Learn more about SideFX here and explore Houdini here.


The group of exhibitors at FMX 2022 is growing - FMX is very excited to confirm three more workshops as well as several Online Recruiting Presentations:

Online Recruiting Presentations: Axis Studios, Blue Zoo Animation, Illumination, Luma Pictures, Nickelodeon, The Walt Disney Studios, Wētā FX


Workshops: Nvidia (Online), Unity, Wacom


Not long to go! ❤️ We look forward to meeting you all on site next week! 🚀