Final Day On Site - On Demand about to begin

News | 26.04.2024



By now, some heads may be spinning from all the story worlds, incredible visuals and fascinating technologies presented at FMX. ✨ And there is one more day to go - get ready for the final events On Site at FMX 2024!


Here are some impressions from Day 1, Day 2 and Day 3.


There's no need to worry what to do once the On Site magic is over: The FMX On Demand Program will be available from April 27 to May 31, giving ticket holders - except Day Pass holders - the opportunity to watch a lot of conference content they haven't been able to catch. How to get access? Please consult our On Demand Guide.


Also, the Stuttgart International Festival of Animated Film will be on until Sunday. If you're still in town: Why not seize the opportunity and drop by?


Here are some recommendations for Day 4 of FMX, as always easily replaceable by loads of other options in our Program Schedule.



Friday, April 26


LOCATION-BASED ENTERTAINMENT: Crafting Memorable Collective Experiences
Meidinger-Saal, 10:00
Esteban Chacin, 3D & Motion Supervisor, explores Moment Factory's innovative approach to creating immersive wonders that transcend personal devices and embrace public spaces like AURA INVALIDES beneath the iconic Dôme des Invalides in Paris.


VFX FOR FEATURES: Ghostbusters – Frozen Empire
König Karl Halle, 12.15
FX Supervisor Chris Messineo will demonstrate, how he brought to life a new generation of ghosts.


FILMAKADEMIE PROJECTS: Diploma 2024 projects of Animationsinstitut Graduates
Turm Aalen, 12:30
The Animationsinstitute’s graduates present their diploma projects: POLLYWOG by Julia Skala (Directing), Max Pollmann (Producing), Benjamin Wahl (Lead Animation), Andra Cezara Berila (Lead Compositing), DETLEV by Ferdinand Ehrhardt (Directing) and Saskia Stirn (Producing) and THE UNDYING PAIN OF EXISTENCE by Oscar Jacobson (Directing), Franz Rügamer (Producing) and Nadiia Yunatska (Producing).


CONNECTING IDEAS: 30 years from now...
König-Karl-Halle, 14:30
Sol Rogers, FMX Program Chair and Magnopus Head of Innovation, meets on stage  Rob Bredow, SVP & Chief Creative Officer at Industrial Light & Magic, as well as Jan Pinkava, Oscar-winning filmmaker, Director of Animationsinstitut at Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg and FMX Conference Chair, for an insightful exploration into the future of technology and storytelling.


VFX FOR FEATURES: A Dive into the World of THE CREATOR
König-Karl-Halle, 15:45
ILM's Charmaine Chan (VFX Supervisor) and Amanda Johnstone-Batt (CG Supervisor) break down the pre-production, shooting, and post VFX for Gareth Edward's THE CREATOR.


VFX FOR FEATURES: Inside Creative VFX Development for THE MARVELS
König-Karl-Halle, 17:00
Tara de Marco and Sarah Eim, VFX Supervisors co-creating the Super-Heroine movie  „The Marvels“, offer two hours of insight with their team.


Fasten you seatbelts for the final rides! 🎢


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