The benefits of four full days On Site

News | 25.04.2024



Half of FMX is still ahead of us - which means we will be treated with about as many highlights as we already have been able to enjoy at the conference. Or miracles, 🔮 as some are putting it. At the School Campus, we have witnessed an inspiring discussion about AI and what its impact means for education. We also have heard what the metaverse might be looking like very soon.  Here's our reel from Day 2, here the on from Day 1.!


And the Forum feels just like old times: back to four days On Site with interactions in flesh & blood, everyone seems to have more time for breathers in between intense Workshops or business negotiations. When there's more time for relaxed chatting, there's more room for ideas to come up and to connect.


Here's a selection of events most probably worth giving a shot on Day 3 of FMX 2024:  



Thursday, April 25


REAL-TIME: WAR IS OVER! Animation Meets Real-time
König-Karl-Halle, 10:00
WAR IS OVER! brings the classic John Lennon and Yoko Ono song to life in this highly stylized, Oscar-winning short animation. The Wētā FX team went to work crafting the unique aesthetic, blending the painterly visuals of the production design with the gritty realism of war. Visual Effects Supervisor Keith Miller will explore the art and technology employed across production, revealing insights into Wētā’s approach to leveraging the strengths and efficiencies of real-time filmmaking with Unreal Engine while integrating with their existing VFX and animation pipelines.


König-Karl-Halle, 11:15
Studio Insights highlights the latest business trends and issues facing our industry. The panelists are Anne Kolbe (Executive Vice President, Visual Effects, Warner Bros. Pictures), Kim Davidson (President & CEO, SideFX), Franck Lambertz (Head of Paris Office/VFX Supervisor, Rodeo FX) and Dave Gougé (Technology & Entertainment Executive).


DIGITAL HUMANS: Digital Humans Panel
Turm Aalen, 14:30
We are on the brink of a fundamental shift in what's possible. Issac Bratzel (Founder & CEO, AvatarOS), Dan Ring (Senior ML Team Lead, Chaos), and Hanno Basse (CTO, Digital Domain) will go in a candid and frank discussion, moderated by Mike Seymour (Co-Founder, FXGuide).


SOUND DESIGN, curated by Nami Strack: The Sound of DUNE Part 2
Meidinger-Saal, 15:45
Martin Kwok, Sound Editor of the epic Sci-Fi movie "Dune 2", will explain, how he created the thunderous sound shaking cinema seats.


VFX FOR FEATURES: The VFX of Poor Things
König-Karl-Halle, 17:00
Simon Hughes, VFX Supervisor of Giorgios Lanthimos‘ Feature „Poor Things“, will explain how to create worlds of pure fantasy.