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News | 24.04.2024



Welcome to Day 2 of FMX 2024! What an opening we had - here's our reel!


Thank you to everyone for joining us, visiting presentations, chatting in the Recruitment Hub, checking out tech at the Markeplace, enjoying Workshops, networking at the School Campus.


"We come together to share new ideas and real experience of how things get made", stated FMX Conference Chair Jan Pinkava on Monday at the opening reception of the Stuttgart Animated Week with the parallel events Stuttgart International Festival of Animated Film and Animation Production Days. "To connect producers to money so things can get made; and to show what was made to audiences, which is why we make anything in the first place. Together we celebrate the artists, innovators, schemers, and supporters, who make it all possible." There is nothing more to be said - let's keep celebrating!


More great sessions, remarkable speakers, and exciting projects are waiting for you to discover. Did you know that you can create your own individual conference schedule by setting Favorites in the Program Schedule on our Website? Give it a try!


Here are some recommendations for Day 2 - depending on your personal interests, your highlights may be completely different ones, though.



Wednesday, April 24 


VFX FOR FEATURES: Unleashing the Beasts:
Behind the Scenes of GODZILLA X KONG: The New Empire
König-Karl-Halle, 11:15
DNEG VFX Supervisors Paul Franklin and Aleks Pejic will walk the audience through the meticulous process behind bringing iconic titans like Godzilla and Kong to life on the big screen, as well as explore the creation of the menacing spider-creature, Charybdis, in the epic opening Rome battle sequence.


MANAGING CHANGE: Real-time dreams: Can game engine unlock story worlds?
König-Karl-Halle, 12:30
As the lines have blurred between games and stories, animation and VFX, short form and features, content creation presents new creative and technological challenges. While showing a sneak peek of the upcoming short film, DREAM OF THE BLACK WHALES, producer, Chris deFaria, along with co-director, Paul Franklin and DNEG Dimension’s, Steve Jelley, will discuss how they’re tackling these industry changes by activating a novel game-engine pipeline.


Web 4.0 and virtual worlds - the EU strategy
Bertha-Benz-Saal, 14:30
On 11/07/2023 , the European Commission adopted a new strategy on Web 4.0 and virtual worlds to steer the next technological transition and ensure an open, secure, trustworthy, fair and inclusive digital environment for EU citizens, businesses and public administrations. This talk with Anne Bajart (Deputy Head of Unit, European Comission) and Marc Petit (Metaverse Standards Forum) will present the actions planned, with their current status and a focus on standardisation and interoperability.


Merging storytelling and games mechanics using AI
König-Karl-Halle, 15:45
Neal Stephenson, who has coined the term „Metaverse“ in his novel "Snowcrash" (1992), will share his thoughts on AI with the audience.


König-Karl-Halle, 17:00
Andrea Knoll ("Stranger Things"), VFX-Chefin at Warner Bros., and Jay Worth ("Westworld") will present the VFX of Jonathan Nolan’s post-apokalyptic series FALLOUT, streaming since April 11.