FMX starts tomorrow + what not to miss

News | 24.04.2023



Get ready for a giant wave of massive input! Tomorrow the 27th edition of FMX - Film & Media Exchange kicks off. 🎊


Choose your pick from 300 experts in animation, VFX, interactive and immersive media: From April 25 to 27, there are more than 160 presentations, discussions, workshops and masterclasses that will be held live in Stuttgart, plus additional talks that will be presented on April 28 exclusively online.


And don’t you worry if you can’t make it to every single event: FMX offers video-on-demand content of over 120 sessions available after the conference until May 31, 2023. 💻


With that last newsletter before the action, we are sharing even more confirmed highlights including talks on Netflix productions SLUMBERLAND and STRANGER THINGS 4, Pixomondo's Realtime Environments, and GHOSTED starring none other than Ana de Armas and Chris Evans, released on Apple TV+ on April 21. You can jot them down among your faves next to previously announced stellar presentations on four-time Oscar® winner ALL QUIET ON THE WESTERN FRONT and Oscar® winner AVATAR, as well as presentations and panels on sustainability and artificial intelligence. 🔥


We also have recommendations in store for the FMX online day, taking place April 28. And one last drum roll for our FMX Silver Partner section: As of now, Unity is on-board!




Sue Rowe spills the beans on the creation of SLUMBERLAND


Who doesn’t want to get to sea with Jason Momoa as your companion? Scanline’s VFX Supervisor, Sue Rowe, will talk through some of the main sequences of Netflix’s SLUMBERLAND, including the inspirations used to bring the glass city to life alongside the FX and rendering challenges encountered as a garbage truck smashes through all that glass. Sue will also delve into animating Nemo’s beloved Pig toy and designing the ink patterns for that large underwater squid.



Pixomondo shine a light on realtime environments


Get ready for the real thing, the realtime thing, really. Pixomondo has revolutionized the filmmaking process with their groundbreaking approach to constructing and filming lifelike virtual settings on LED volumes, powered by Unreal Engine. This pioneering method additionally transforms post-production into a realtime experience that unlocks never before seen possibilities. In this presentation, Nathan Larouche, VFX Supervisor, and Mark Dauth, Compositor, will dive into Pixomondo’s hard-earned lessons from their journey of developing and using realtime systems in production. The FMX audience is kindly invited to find out how to make the most out of these powerful tools with tried and tested best practices.



Presentation on the epic season finale of STRANGER THINGS 4


This talk will have you running up that hill! Jabbar Raisani, Overall VFX Supervisor and Emmy Award winner; Marion Spates, Additional VFX Supervisor at Flying High Frames and Jan Burda, Compositing Supervisor at Accenture Song Content Germany GmbH, will share some exclusive insights into the VFX work that was created for the epic season finale of the Netflix show STRANGER THINGS 4.



Michael Wortmann illuminates VFX for GHOSTED


Romance meets action meets Hollywood lovelies: In the freshly released Apple TV+ film GHOSTED with Ana de Armas and Chris Evans, the audience is literally taken to new heights. This presentation by Michael Wortmann, VFX Supervisor, RISE | Visual Effects Studios, will focus on the final showdown of the movie and how the visual effects work was completed in just a couple of months. Learn all about tracking continuity with pasta, how RISE animators mastered the art of rotating restaurants and where they placed the easter eggs in the movie.


Exclusive FMX Online Day on April 28th


Get comfy with that cappuccino and notebook in hand: FMX Online Day, which takes place on April 28, is filled to the brim with numerous exclusive insights.


Here’s a few highlights for this special home office day including Scott Gershin, Sound Supervisor at Keywords Studios, who will be focusing on the sound of this year's Oscar® winner PINOCCHIO by Guillermo del Toro. In addition, two Marvel productions will be in focus: Jennifer Meire, VFX Supervisor, and Ben White, VFX Supervisor (both Cinesite) will tackle the VFX of BLACK PANTHER: WAKANDA FOREVER, and Hamilton Lewis, Senior Visualization Supervisor / Head of Creative at The Third Floor Inc., will look at the visualization and virtual production of the superhero film DOCTOR STRANGE IN THE MULTIVERSE OF MADNESS.


Check out two talks on TV shows, more specifically the VFX of the LORD OF THE RINGS adaptation THE RINGS OF POWER delivered by Catherine R. Dion, FX Artist at Rodeo FX, as well as the VFX of the HBO hit THE LAST OF US, which will be discussed by Melaina Mace, CG Supervisor, and Nick Marshall, DFX Supervisor (both DNEG). Conquering England is more your thing? Richard Frazer, VFX Supervisor at BlueBolt, will talk about the VFX for THE LAST KINGDOM: SEVEN KINGS MUST DIE, the film sequel to your personal Viking-favorite THE LAST KINGDOM, which was just released on Netflix on April 14.


THE VISUAL EFFECTS IN CREATING IMMERSIVE EXPERIENCES will furthermore focus on bringing the immersive Disney dining experience to life. The talk will be brought to you by both Walt Disney Imagineering - Bernice Howes, Executive Producer; Scott Sohan, Digital Supervisor; Bryan Thombs, Concept Designer & Digital Supervisor – and Framestore – Max MacEwan, Executive Producer; Eugenie von Tunzelmann, Head of VFX Attractions and Jason Fox, Creative Director.


Silver Partner: Unity


And someone picked up that last silver badge: Unity joins the ranks of this year’s FMX Silver Partners. Unity is the world’s leading platform for content creators of all sizes to successfully realize their vision. Our comprehensive set of software solutions supports them through the entire development lifecycle as they build, run, and grow immersive, real-time 2D and 3D content for mobile phones, tablets, PCs, consoles, and augmented and virtual reality devices.

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See you tomorrow! 😊